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The Art of (Cyber) Warfare, U.S. President honors veterans, starts initiatives for kids and pushes higher minimum wage , El Chapo captured in Mexico, First Lady concludes China tour of Beijing, Xi'an and Chengdu -- IBM Impact 2014, Military Vehicles show coming soon, U.S. leads Economic Recovery, Venture Capital Start up Company/Biz news, Symantec CEO is out, Ali Baba ipo coming soon, Detroit Grand Prix Countdown begins, Time Inc. on the move in New York, While at Fort Hood Texas a nation mourns....

The Art of (Cyber) War
March 22nd, 2014 - April 15, 2014

Leadership starts at home and
President Obama shows leadership by....
U.S. Capital Dome

...Honoring veterans of wars past..

..helping kids..

..and helping adults by rewarding work.,
for video on policies that help working families and women click on  Fresh from diplomacy abroad, President Obama and the First Lady back from
China on a non partisian diplomatic visit to promote education, help a nation mourn anew at Fort Hood, Texas. For more information click on

U.S. Presidential and diplomatic visits include Saudia Arabia, ruled by the House of Saud.  Saudia Arabia is the home to the City of Mecca  The City of Jerusalem, the City of Rome, Italy, click on for the Vatican (which is a state of it's own inside the country of Italy)
 along with Mecca are some of the most holy sites in the world.
Speaking of the Middle East, in Isra-el U.S. Ambassador John F. Kerry may be concluding
his shuttle diplomacy in Isra-el.
For more info click on
In other news abroad VP Joe Biden makes the rounds to reassure US NATO allies,0,2255833.story#axzz2wLwYpkmp.
NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization,
for more on NATO click on
NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium
NATO countries train their armies together at various times of the year, one
aircraft used in the past by NATO is the Vulcan below.
For more on the Vulcan scroll down to the section on France.
In other news abroad First Lady Michelle Obama of the USA began her tour of China on March 16, 2014 with
the First Lady of China, Madame Peng, and
was also greeted by the current President of China
Xi Jinping. During the trip
the First Lady has stressed the importance of studying and hard work.
Students from the
U.S.A. were and are able to see video of the trip
by clicking on
and were invited to particpate in the trip live by
clicking on
For more info click on, and for video
click on
to learn the importance of studying abroad. On 3/29/2014
the First Lady will visit the Stanford Center at Peking University in Beijing, China,
for more info scroll down to the book list.
Beijing, China

Weboi and Alibaba  are 2 great hi-tech companies, with Weboi being similar to Twitter and Alibaba being similar to
E-Bay and having a partnership with Yahoo
Meanwhile, the boys and girls at Google are busy with
helping start ups with patent searches
to protect their tech IP, do not forget the USPTO, all patents must be filed in the
US Patent Trade Office to become protected in the U.S.A..
Google can also be a source of funding for hi-tech start ups if
the start up fits the Google Ventures investment portfolio,
to learn more click on, the
Russian version of Google is Yandex, and
the Chinese version of Google is Baidu
Speaking of tech, and cyber security; a security incident with Secure
Socket Layer (aka SSL) has been discovered.  For more info go down to
the cyber security incident list near the bottom
of the blog, and do not forget to subscribe for free by
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For all start ups in the U.S., you have to pay your federal, state, and local taxes and if
behind set up a payment schedule,
for more info click on
On the home front the Let's Move initiative to promote healthier lifestyles continues
to pick up steam, for more info click on  In more health news, the deadline ticks down to be covered by the Affordable Health Care Act, for more info click on
Also on the home front Time  a major media company and world wide brand is on the move, for more
info click on
Speaking of media
 Symantec's CEO is out, for more info click on,
for more on cyber security scroll down to our list below
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Driven by the auto sector,
and smart U.S. economic policies, the U.S. Economy continues to recover, for
more info click on

For info on what is going at GM from the blogger Doneen McDowell, from
GM's FastLane blog
click on

 In more auto news the Geneva Auto Show has ended but for more info click on   Corporate and start up hi-tech has also played a role, for info on the vc Intel Capital click on, for more start up and business incubator info
scroll down to Venture Capital Quick Hits.

Speaking of young talent in the U.S.A., the
White House Fellows program honors some of the best and brightest in the U.S.A.civillians and veterans, to see the current class from all over the country
click on
Are you new to Big Data and Business Analytics?
Then you may want to go to the
 Big Data and Business Analytics
seminar being held on March 25, 2014
The seminar covers the fundamentals of Big Data Engineering
along with the fundamentals of Big Data Analytics on
March 25th, 2014 with a more extensive seminar being held
on March 26, 2014.  Some of the sponsors include:

For cyber security and IT operations basics click on
The Chicago Auto Show 2014 ended on 2/22/2014 to catch
video of the event and other info click on
starting March 7th, 2014.
The Geneva Motor Show
starts on March 6th, 2014 and runs until
March 16th, 2014.  
the Military Vehicles show coming soon
for more info click below

President's Day's_Birthday in the U.S.A. was on
2/17/2014 this year. California the home of Silicon Valley is
experiencing a water shortage for more info
For info on smart water use and green
technologies buy Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology
At NextEnergy  on April 11, 2014
the global Ice, Water and Climate expert Emeritus Professor
Henry N. Pollack of the University of Michigan
will give a lecture on Ice, Water and Climate change.
For more info click on 
 and ask for Mary Katherine Burnett.
January 15th 2014 - February 28th 2014
 January 31st, 2014 was the begining of the New Year in the U.S.A.
As the U.S.A. leads the economic
recovery world wide
click on
for more details.
U.S. Capital Dome
President Obama and the First Lady of the USA host President Hollande of France,
for more info on this special state visit click on
for more news from France click
see the reception for
President Hollande with the First Lady, President Obama and
other dignitaries click on
for a history lesson, from a luncheon hosted by
VP Biden for President Hollande
featuring the current and former
U.S. Secretaries of State
Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell and Madeline Albright
click on
Mexico City, Mexico

Two good books to read are Management in Two Cultures: Bridging the Gap between U.S. and
Mexican Manager by Eva S. Kras and Se Habla Dinero, both
available on Amazon
Google Play
 El Chapo is captured in Mexico
To read the news on El Chapo in the Informador (Informer) in Spanish/Hispanol in Mexico, click on from the Dallas Morning News. For a break the singer Christopher Cross  has a great song that tells the story of a man on the run
called "Ride Like the Wind" where the man is trying to reach the Mexican border before the long arm of the law reaches him.  A great song that could be made into a movie.  In more
positive news on Mexico and Latin America for small businesses click on
Guadalajara, Mexico; which is the web site for the City, and for U.S. Embassy info for visitors/tourists from the U.S. click on

For the GM CEO interview in Fortune scroll down
to the auto section with the cars...
For people interested in foreign affairs click on
 Canada also has a French connection through the Quebec province; Canada
is making big moves in Detroit, Michigan to finish the new DRIC Bridge
that will connect to Southwest Detroit, Michigan from Windsor, Ontario Canada
For more info
James Bond is a fictional hero created by Ian Flemming,
in the James Bond  movie  Thunderball during
a NATO (NATO is a real organization) training exercise a
Vulcan bomber armed with dangerous weapons is stolen and landed at sea. The bad guy, Emilo Largo meets with his secret organization in France.  The code name for the operation for Bond
and the other agents to recover the weapons is called Thunderball, for more info
a great DVD to buy at  
On the good guy side, one
hi-tech start up/business guru to keep an eye on is
Patrick Alain who was born in
Paris, France, is a video game
developer (yes parents this is a job just make sure your teen or adult child show you a paycheck from an established company if they tell you they are working when playing video games)
Rockstar Games, and
currently resides in San Diego, California USA.
He has written an excellent book on leadership that is
listed on the
Winter/Spring 2014 Book Reading List
In other hi-tech start up news
the start-up spirit emerges in Japan
Osaka University, the current Director is
Kenji Tanaguchi. The founder
of the center who studied at John Hopkins in the U.S. is covered in
Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology
in the study abroad section.
The Japan Foundation New York
has an exhibit at Wayne State University
on how Japan responded to the 3/11 earthquake.
Venture Capital Quick Hits..

To see what is going on in the venture
capital world click on
Startup Professionals
Michigan Corps
Grand Circus   
which has an excellent track record in helping biz starts ups
such as Budget Fashionista
headed by Kathryn Finney find funding $$$$.
In more start up news Square  headed by
Twitter founder Jack Dorsey looks toward a
2014 IPO, for more info
While in Detroit, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway comes to town to
kick the tires and take a tour, profiled in Fortune
Speaking of Detroit, and cars, while the Detroit NAIAS auto show ends, the
Chicago Auto Show 2014 begins
For the interactive tour click on
In other tech and economic news
IBM's Impact 2014 is a great tech conference
for more on IBM The World in 2014 by the Economist has
a great article on IBM's CEO called
The Year of the Smarter Enterprise.
To find out the latest and greatest with Cadillac
do not forget to scroll down to the auto section below.

Once you develop top notch tech, you have to protect it
and is good at protecting IP such as patents.
Dell gives back with a center for hi-tech start ups
for more info.  Also
good for learning about hi-tech start up basics
the revised version will have Learning Analytics
built in to
improve student performance;
The CRLT had seminars on
how learning analytics can improve student performance, for
more info click on  Two companies that are pros in
using analytics also known as BI/BA are IBM
with Cognos and
Tableau software that is written about in Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology is
an excellent tool for analyzing data for better results for your business.  For
an excellent book on this subject by Sangeeta Gautam
scroll down to our booklist.

In lighter sports news,
Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers
just passed and
NCAA Men's Basketball Finals (click below for more info)
was held
at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium
and won by U Conn,
last but not least two undefeated womens team
battle for the NCAA basketball crown,
for more on womens basketball
click on

Comcast is a:
Business telecom - VOIP
Cable Company - aka content distributor
Internet Service Provider that is one of
Microsoft's biggest software distributors and
with the  Time Warner acqusition it will have
the media and isp market power that AOL and Time Warner were supposed to have when they
merged (one of the worst mergers in history looking at market cap).
The AOL/Time Warner merger was a good idea but a technology paradigm shift from
internet access moving from dial up to broadband blindsided the company.
For a quick analysis of the cable/telecom/isp industry
  The FCC  will have a say on the Comcast, Time Warner merger, for
the FCC view's click on
 This deal definitely requires scrutiny, and a good
way to cover the financials in this deals and others is covered in the 03/2014 issue of
CFO magazine in the article
The Search for Suspect Accounting
lists red flags detected by PROBM in major companies
as reported by

..While in China January 31st,  2014
was the begining of the Chinese New Year, the year in China by the
way is 4712, and it is the year of the Horse
In more international news one continent to watch is
Africa according to the Harvard Business Review, to read
more click on
The U.S.A. and China are both major investors in Africa, for more
info on the types of investments and where, click on,
in China auto news Matthew (Matt) Tsien has been
promoted to the position of
President of GM China according to the Detroit Auto Scene.
The award winning
2014 Corvette Stingray
GM is now also green, for more info
click on,
in other auto news Chrysler, and Fiat Become One
according to the 2/3/2014 edition of Detroit Auto Scene, and
Auto Week is also a good source of auto news.
President Obama also
introduced a hi-tech tub in North Carolina
New York Times the Head of Corporate Software
Satya Nadella will be the new CEO at
Microsoft, to read more
click on, and
his Chairman at Microsoft is Mr. John Thompson, formerly of IBM, and Symantec.
For more on Symantec,
to see the Cyber Security Framework Rollout
scroll down to our top ten (and counting)
cyber security incident list near the bottom of
the blog, and do not forget to subscribe to the list for free by
typing in your e-mail where it says follow by e-mail to the right and clicking on
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In other hi-tech news learn how the CIO of Facebook is using new collaboration tools 
 click on,
Google Glass gets a vote of confidence
from a major optical insurer

Vice President Joe Biden helped to open the
North American International Auto Show,
click on and
for more info on the auto show click on 
in Detroit, Michigan at Cobo Center.
Cobo Center
The NAIAS concluded January 27th, 2014.
Michigan has the Michigan University Research Corridor; anchored by the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and
Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit.  For more
on the URC click on

WSU  is in the heart of the Detroit Cultural Center
anchored by WSU, the Detroit Public Library,
the College of Creative Studies  and the
DIA  which will soon feature the exhibit

The Samurai are Coming.

The Samurai
were the warrior class in ancient feudal
Japan as the transition was made from
swords to guns with weapons  and horses to cars/tanks for
transportation during the
Meji Restoration.
The exhibit starts March 9th, 2014 - June 01, 2014 and is called
Samurai - Beyond the Sword 
President Obama gave a speech on the role of intelligence in the founding of the
republic to it's role in the USA today.  For more info click on  Speaking of intelligence, in major cyber security news
FireEye acquires Mandiant another major cyber security player.
Speaking of cyber security, 4 major cyber security players strike paydirt with $ 6.1 billion contract
with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,
click below for more info on DHS, and
for more on the contract click on

By the way buy
one of the first books to write about
Google apps vs. Microsoft Office, and Android, the
revised Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology
 book, e-book and software is in progress.
The book also covers venture capital and business basics;
a new type of school that also covers these subjects is described in the
Wall Street Journal for more info click on,
major business schools need to watch this trend.

For more info on cyber security and
our cyber security incidents list scroll down
below near the bottom to the
Top 10 and Counting Cyberwarfare list world wide
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under follow by e-mail and clicking on the
submit button.
On a more peaceful note Martin Luther King's Birthday was
celebrated Monday January 20th, 2014; for more info click on  Did you know that the King family are on the
cutting edge of intelectual property protection (IP)?  More on this later....
2014 North American International Auto Show
is over, the Chicago Auto Show has just ended (see below) and for more
info on top auto shows world wide click
for Android phones or
for iPhones for the Auto Show Passport software app.  The count down to the
Detroit Grand Prix begins, for more info click on

The U.S.
auto industry is a major U.S. exporter to countries abroad to keep up with
Import-Export data click on   
To see a modern, green, auto factory after going to NAIAS you may want to take a short drive to the The Henry Ford that gives the Ford Rouge Factory Tour. The Factory is described in more detail in Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology green technology section. Rouge by they way is French for Red.  A venture capital firm in the City of Detroit is Fontinalis Partners
for more info on the auto industry CAR (Center for Automotive Research) is one of the best sources, to find out more click on http://www.cargroup.orgFord bets on Blackberry, for more info click on
 Toyota has a major Research and Development center in Ann Arbor, Michigan so journalists looking for story might want to try arranging a tour there after going to the NAIAS in Detroit, Michigan.
Ann Arbor:  A venture capital incubator in Ann Arbor is
called Spark

 GM's new CEO is featured in Fortune magazine; to check it out click on
 In case you have a hi-tech idea for the auto industry GM has venture capital arm called:
GM Ventures
Other places to look for story ideas, try your start up or look for
start up company info are:
DTX Launch Detroit and
an alternative energy business incubator that is
right across the street from Tech Town and on the
campus of Wayne State University in the
City of Detroit. A Tech Town event featuring the CEO of
the start up company Chalkfly
Ryan Landau is on March 5th, 2014.
 Speaking of
alternative energy there is the
The Michigan Biotechnology Institute on the MSU campus, for
more info click on,
MSU has a location in Detroit, the main campus is in
Lansing, Michigan.  
Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses

Blackstone  is a hedge fund and it has a non profit arm called
the Blackstone LaunchPad that has locations across the U.S.A. based on university campuses, maybe one near you such as
Start up America
for video click on
Gust, no rose colored glasses
here.  For metrics (numbers) on start ups click on
by web guru Peter Prestipino of Website magazine.
Android Developers
info, click below

For 5 logical steps from
Martin Zwilling on starts up seeking funding
click on,
another venture capital firm to think about is
Google Ventures, that is
the vc firm MB and MTI wants to invest
in the company.

A venture capital, business, networking event is
AURP for a
research/technology park for your start up
now back to the cars..

 For an excellent profile of VW click on
 Fiat merges with Chrysler, and sponsors IBM software engineering symposiums in Detroit, Chicago, Costa Mesa California, and Boston. For more info click on
Speaking of the Auto Industry,, definitely a boost for the State of Michigan. 
To stay abreast of the Der Speil in the Duetchsland read...Der Speigel BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works and one of their top brands is the Mini Cooper popularized in the hit movie the Bourne Identity

The auto industry is a world wide industry with competitors such as the ones listed above, competitors such as Honda, Nissan Motors of and new entrants such as Shanghai Industrial Automotive Corporation (SHAIC) a key GM partner, Tata Motors  and more recent competitors/suppliers that established competitors/suppliers in the auto industry have to think about such as Tesla
Google; yes that Google
for more info click on   More information
about Google's plan for the auto industry will be revealed at a
major international auto show in
Hanover, Germany; for more info on this auto show click on,
a key partner for Google in this push into
the auto industry is IBM Speaking of autos, another upcoming European auto show is the
84e Salon international de l'auto
 can be seen by clicking on

  In the next update we will cover important software used in the auto industry such as supply chain software made by companies such as SAP and Microsoft along with other IT  and financial trends in the U.S. and abroad.  The last day for the NAIAS is 1/27/2014.    

December 15th, 2013 - January 14th 2014
To view President Obama's speech on
Nelson Mandela July 18, 1918 - December 5, 2013
click on
and  for venture capital, IT enterprise and business/tech news. For
lady execs looking for success click on and
scroll down to our Winter 2014 Book List.
 For IT, start up basics buy Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology on
For new info for U.S. companies to export products/services click on
For info on Facebook click on
CEO John Chen pulls the M and A trigger; acquires Blackberry
The interview with Mr. Chen was done on CNBC; for more info
China Moon Mission, for info click on
for more space exploration, tech, auto, cyber security info scroll below
subscribe for free by typing in your e-mail and clicking on submit 
For video on GM's new CEO Mary Barra
Cadillac style click on
NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) media day starts
1/13/2014 for more info click below
General NAIAS for the public starts 1/18/2014 for ticket info

GM starts a new era by naming Mary Barra as the new CEO.   For more info
on this and other GM management changes click on; other members of the GM team are Alicia Boler-Davis Sr. VP of Global Quality and Global Customer, Dan Ammann Executive VP and CFO, Mark Reuss Executive VP and President of North America, Alan Batey Sr. VP Global Chevrolet and US Sales and Marketing.  Steve Girsky will move into a Senior Advisor role while staying on the GM Board of Directors; Current CEO Dan Akerson will be spending more time with his family, officially passing the baton in January 2014. 
Hopefully the GM team has read or is reading The Machine that Changed the World and keeping up with currents events in the auto and IT industry.  A current auto industry competitive analysis will be coming in the next blog update....   
 For insight into the Toyota culture from a CIO magazine report
click on
For a time line from the crash of 2008, to the successful exit of
the U.S.A. from it's GM investment to help the economy and national security
click on
the new GM CEO is

Chevrolet  2014 Camaro
an Engineer, has experience as a auto Plant Manager, being the head of HR and
since 2011 has overseen GM's global product development and
with Cadillac winning Motor Trends 2014 Car of the Year
For a more detailed financial breakdown of the auto industry from a
Federal Reserve symposium on the industry click on

For info on start ups and hi-tech basics
buy Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology  Canada Brazil  Japan
The book and e-book industry restructures with E-book titan
Leonard Riggio
making a stock move to lower his taxes!
The main e-book platforms are the Kindle, iPad,
Nexus, and the
Nook; Mr. Riggio has
an advantage because of Barnes and Noble, one of the biggest retailers
in the U.S. University textbook market with physical stores, in combination with the Nook.  A high technology company to watch is BioSentient
U.S.A. Space Shuttle,
China recently accomplished a Moon landing; for
more info click on  
In other Detroit news Goldman Sachs brings it's innovative program
for start up companies to Detroit
Chinese investors think Detroit real estate is the real deal, for more info
For more info on start ups from the expert
Ford Introduces the new Ford Mustang, click below for the video
President Obama stresses the importance of
Youth Jobs, to see the video click on
along with economic mobility, for more info click below

Rational Systems and Software Engineering Symposium
was held in Dearborn, Michigan combined the auto industry, top notch IT tools with top notch talent:
Ed Mayer - Rational Software Engineering
for a free download of Rational click on
 John Wilson, and Sanjiv Jain - Integrating Test into the Development Lifecycle
with NI George Mackintosh Lessons for Today's Automotive Industry from a decade in the Mobile Industry   One of the keynote speeches to kick off the seminar was given by Ms. Karen Newman, IBM's GBS Americas Automotive Industry lead titled:
2020 Trends in the Auto Industry. The co-sponsors of the seminar were
Ford  and IBM,
more info will be given in the next blog update as time draws closer for the
NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) media day starts
1/13/2014 for more info click below
The US auto industry is back, but the USA as a whole has a way to go,
to hear the challenge of our time from President Obama
click on
Vice President Biden
on a Diplomatic Mission in Asia

Real Times Media CEO Hiram Jackson visits the People's Republic of China to add a fresh media perspective; the China US Exchange Foundation  was one of the sponsors of the meeting .  Reporter Natacha Tatu from Le Nouvel Observateur,  a leading weekly magazine in France comes to Detroit to do on the spot reporting and finds a Frenchman who is bullish on Detroit real estate; for more info from star reporter Bankole Thompson click on For hi-tech in France, Brian S. was a presenter at Le Web, for more info click on
 from France hit Ann Arbor, Michigan where the band was interviewed by Erika Harwood,

A tribute to Nelson Mandela July 18, 1918 - December 5, 2013
will be held in Detroit, Michigan 12/14/2013.
To see a video of Nelson Madela in Detroit click

  In more international news the Mandiba, Nelson Mandela has passed. For more information click on the website for the ANC, the political party he cofounded and to hear a tribute from the President of the United States of America on how Nelson Mandela influenced him to enter politics click on  In other international news Unrest in the Ukraine from the BBC, for a more in depth article naming  some of the leading players in this real life drama, some who are now in jail or out of office click on
St. Basil's Catherdral in Russia
for more info click on
coming up in the east
Olympics 2014
for Team USA, for international teams and info click on

The Art of (Cyber) War
November 8th, 2013 - December 8th 2013
Typhoon in Leyete
for info on how to help click on Obama outlines NASA space strategy and gives weekly address on the
Economy as the U.S. remembers John F. Kennedy, and the contributions of the Kennedy family to the U.S.A..

 India makes advances in space exploration
In lighter news...
Follow Google Glass by clicking on
Google Glass product lauch in Motown (Detroit) USA at the MOCAD last weekend! Read more below under the next Google Glass picture.  For tech news read and  In other tech news Tech Town  in Detroit hosted the BDPA on November 21, 2013 for an IT job outlook.  The Tokyo Motor Show has just started.

President Obama outlines economic vision for the
USA for more info click below..

In the USA Veterans Day just passed, for history on this day
click on
For a word from the  Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces click on
Cadillac wins Car of the Year!
For details click on, the current GM CEO is a veteran and graduate of the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy.  
U.S. Navy Submarine
With the recent passing of Veterans Day in the USA other former/current CEOs who were/are U.S. veterans are:
Thomas J. Watson Jr. CEO of IBM (U.S. Army Air Corps pilot), H. Ross Perot CEO EDS (Now a HP subsidiary) U.S. Naval Officer, Earl Graves Sr. CEO/Chairman BE magazine, (U.S. Army), Henry Ford II of Ford (U.S. Navy) currently
U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is leading an initiative for Corporate and Small Business in the U.S.A. to hire U.S. veterans who are returning home in partnership with CEO Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase
The U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program became operational with the USS Nautilus being launched in 1955, with Captain Hyman G. Rickover earlier being made responsible by the Navy Burea of Ships in 1946 for the design of the ships. These submarines form a triad with air based platforms and ground based ICBM systems to protect the U.S.A..

B2 bomber during mid air refueling
In cyber security news a Wyoming bank is hit with a cyber attack for more info scroll way down to the world wide cyber security list and along the way listen to a video of VP Biden on cyber security. For news on the U.S.A.'s energy future click on, and for a video on
U.S.A. Presidential Fellows click on
For info on U.S. economy click on
Ford CEO on short list for Microsoft CEO spot
for more on autos and transportation click on
IBM had a seminar on IBM Rational Jazz software on
November 7, 2013 read more below.
News Flash!..
10/11/2013 Katie Couric was in Detroit, Michigan for the
Katie Show and to see how Katie is spreading holiday cheer in Motown click on, and do not forget Star Reporter Ann Curry, for video on Ann scroll below for her coup interview with the leader of Iran and for North Korea honoring their Korean War vets, along with the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces doing the same near the world wide cyber security incident list. To learn how to program with Rational with the 321 Gang click on
Google Glass, the wearable PC (see below)
came to Detroit, Michigan USA.  Participants in the event registered on 
MOCAD headed by Daniella Karmanos, a Patron of the Arts in the City of Detroit
Hours for yesterday and Saturday were 10:00 AM - 6 PM both days. I got there early and when I came back there was a line of people waiting to get in.  First you were given a handout that described Google Glass operating instructions by hand motion and touch. The audience was then given a quick presentation on Glass, the one I went to was by Mavid and Glenn; 2 ladies, one had a black version of Glass, the other had an orange pair.  From New York in Motown (Detroit) other members of the Google team were Kyle (a lady) and Kerry (also a lady).  Kyle told me that though she is based in and works in New York for the Google team she was trained on Glass at Google's Mountain View HQ, in California.

A map of California

  Mavid and Glenn demonstrated voice commands with Glass on a Nexus tablet and advised it could be used with some Apple, Windows PCs, laptops, and smart phones. There were 3 wireless access points, 1 for the MOCAD and 2 set up for Glass. The operating system used by Glass explained to me by Sojoi (A man) is Android, an ice cream sandwich variant. Glass has a gyroscope inside, and can be turned on by just looking up, I tried it and it is cool; along with using the voice commands.  For memory according to Aaron,  Glass has 12.6 GB (Giga Bytes) of hard drive space and automatically backs up to the "Cloud."  Google is creating a Google technology ecosystem with Google computers, the Nexus tablet, Android smart phones, and the star of the show Google Glass.  Apple, Microsoft, you have your work cut out for you.  Excellent job Larry and Sergey, thanks for bringing the Google Glass product launch to Detroit. The food was primo, the music was Techno/House music, with the MOCAD
creating an elegant tone and atmosphere for the event. 
In Detroit on 11/10/2013 at Cobo Hall the event
Wild Dance Intensive was hosted. To check it out on Facebook, click on The event had various dance categories and divisions.
Also in other arts/culture news in Detroit, Michigan on 11/10/2013 Susan Goethel Campbell gave an artist talk  at the Re:View Contemporary, the exhibit is called Rotation. For people who like Frank Lloyd Wright and and Minoru Yamasaki Architecture you would love her pieces which ranged in price from a low of $700 - $6500.  To get more information, and or to visit the Re:View Contemporary just e-mail    A video of the event may soon be available online as Ms. DeSousa of the Re:View Contemporary filmed the event with an Apple  iPad.  A more detailed review of the artist talk coming soon. I first met Ms. DeSousa at a Re:View Contemporary event held at
 Tech Town a hi-tech business incubator in Detroit, for a university business incubator near you
click on the Association of University Research Parks (AURP)
Last but not least, Twitter breaks the bank on Wall Street with a ipo strike valuation of ...
click on
$31.7 Billion with a B dollars of trading on the NYSE. For more corporate info on Twitter click on, it will be a good holiday season for New York, Twitter employees, and the rest of country with those lucky people having extra spending power.
September 22nd 2013 - November 7th 2013
News Flash!..
SEC  gets SAC  to cop a plea for $ 1.2 Billion dollars...for more info click on Gordon Gecko eat your heart out..

Top Al Qaeda leader pays the price
Gartner IT Symposium in Barcelona, Spain

Asterand, one of Detroit's most important companies (a bio-technology start up company) trades on the London Stock Exchange which is different than the Libor; the founder of Asterand, Mr. Charltan hails from the UK; thanks for coming to Detroit, Michigan Mr. Charltan and being the anchor tenant for Tech Town where MB and MTI did an elevator pitch for the Smart Start board at Tech Town. For more info on Tech Town click on

 In London, the Libor probe of currency traders widens for more info click on

Three tragedies at LA International Airport (LAX), the terrorist attack in China on the Forbidden City and in the latest attack in China detailed in USA Today   The company's condolences go out to the familes of the injured and deceased.  On a lighter note..
IBM building Southfield, Michigan
In Hi-tech news...
IBM had a seminar on IBM Rational Jazz software on
November 7, 2013 at 8:30 AM. To learn more
IBM Rational Jazz click on and join
the Jazz open source development community.  Also in Michigan
Foto Europa 1840 - present is at the Detroit Institute of Arts, for more info
click on
IBM  HQ in Armonk, New York
To check out tech for the past 100 years and the next 100 click on In other hi-tech news...

A Venture Beat  hi-tech seminar in Redwood City, California, click on for more
info and to register.

For an IDC  report on Oracle click on
The preferred phone for Team Treadstone..never heard of Treadstone?
Read Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Identity the book, and
then try the movie staring Clive Owen, Franka Potente, Julia Styles, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Chris Cooper and Matt Damon.

Jack Dorsey of Twitter made a dash for the cash for
$31.7 Billion with a B dollars on
the NYSE
....with Jack Ma of Ali Baba
not far behind on either the NYSE or the Hong Kong Stock Exchange The Ali Baba ipo will help Yahoo which owns a
stake in Ali Baba. Investing in the IT That makes a Competitive Difference is an
an excellent article on IT.
For more tech news read...

Venture Beat and
Tech Crunch; for the latest on Google click on and Google chooses Detroit as a tech hub, to sign up if you are a start up in Detroit click on, and if you are a start up in the U.S.A.
click on to find a start up community near you, click on
to find a venture capital firm near you. 
Spearking of surges.....
U.S. Navy|dc/pcrid/24203375316/pmt/p Stealth Ship

Iraq asks President Obama for help with insurgency
Sometimes you have to leave before people appreciate what you do, and Iraq wants the USA back to deal with a deadly insurgency.   For more info click on and to see the video click on
 Meanwhile also in the Middle East, Israel is hit with a
cyber attack, for more info click on  Also in the Middle East, in Egypt the Mohammed Morisi trial has started,, to learn more about Egypt and one way to look at what happened to lead up to the trial scroll down to
The U.S. and Egyptian Relationship
The Chicago Auto Show February 2014 and also in
Chicago in April 2014 a
Software Engineering Symposium, for more info click on
sponsored by IBM.
info on the cloud scroll down to our
The Art of (Cyber) War - Cloud Computing on the Cutting Edge section below. 
Speaking of Chicago, the Chicago developer
William Hults
makes good on his word to buy the Packard Plant in Detroit
Michigan.  The plant designed by famed Architect Albert Khan
can be adapted to a number of uses with the
the new bridge  between Windsor, and Detroit, Michigan USA to be built soon.
 October 2013 is
National Cyber Security Awareness month, click on
click below
for the National Cyber Security Awareness
Facebook page.  For start up company financing further east in New York City, you may to click on
For more 
venture capital and hi-tech start up news click on
news sources below under, what else Hi-Tech news.
President Obama makes a speech on the end of the U.S.A. shutdown
click on  to hear and see the video.
U.S. Congress Capital Dome
To see video on the SR-71 U.S. fighter jet that
helps to protect the U.S. from threats click on
The Department of Homeland Security is a federal agency that
helps to protect the U.S.A..
 Iran makes call to US President
  for the first hi-level talks between the
two countries since 1979 
click below, the talks have progressed with U.S.
Secretary of State John Kerry working to allay the concerns of Saudia Arabia and
Israel; click on
for more information. On the same subject Deborah Amos an international correspondent is
giving a presentation on the Middle East on 11/17/2013 at 3:00 pm for more information
on Ms. Amos click on  Also
Roey Gilad is giving a speech for the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies on
December 9th, 2013 at 9:30 AM for more info click on  
The U.S. made and built F-14 Tomcat jet fighters are still
used by the Iranian Air Force, the U.S.A. has not been there
in an official role in Iran since 1979.
Benjamin Netanyahu also pays a visit to President Obama.
for more info click on
While one Canadian citizen, who also serves as a U.S. Congressman took the lead in the now past U.S.A. shut down, another more friendlier Canadian citizen helps to promote Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. and Windsor, Ontario, Canada as tourist destinations.  His name Eddie Francis and as the Mayor of Windsor, Ontario Canada he will be hosting part of the Winter 2014 Olympic games which will be the biggest sports event in the Detroit, Windsor region since the 2006 Superbowl in Detroit at Ford Field
click on for more info.  Detroit has a
diverse population. 
Ford Field

For information on the buying power of a segment of that population
click on,
by a Nielsen expert.  Other excellent ethnic media are:
La Prensa, Michigan Citizen, Michigan Chronicle, Arab American News, Jewish News, and The
Epoch Times; for Polish/Polish American culture click on, and for fine Italian food click on, call for more info.
 Crains Detroit,
Blac, El Central
The Detroit Free Press The Detroit News
and the Windsor Star; (Detroit USA is right across the
Ambassador bridge from Windsor, Ontario Canada) are other major media outlets in the Detroit, Windsor, Ontario and Essex county (Canada) region.  

   For other ways to do your homework when it comes to marketing you want to check out American Demographics  and the U.S. Census Burea  for marketing in general and Gartner when it comes to tech.  The book
Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology describes Gartner, other IT research companies, consulting companies as well as covering hi-tech start up basics and smart phones.  
In more Hi-tech news...
with the shift from PCs/laptops to smart phones
you want to check out to keep up with the latest and greatest in
smart phones 
  Nokia Windows Phone for start up news.  For example
Russian VC cashes out of Facebook doubling his
rubles $$$$ click below for more info

In other tech news IBM has a seminar on IBM Rational Jazz software on
November 7, 2013 at 8:30 AM for more details click on to register for the event.
To check out tech for the past 100 years and the next 100 click on

The Start up Valley of Death diagram shows
critical stages of start up companies below
The company gives thanks to
Mr. Martin Zwilling and his excellent blog and newsletter;
for more info on him and venture capital click on
For other tech news read the Tech Town newsletter (on the Wayne State University campus, and keep up the with
AURP as a place to
find a start up business incubator near you. Finally there is also
Automation Alley  which sponsors the GLEQ and is opening an
office in downtown Detroit, Michigan
Not to far from the Motor City (Detroit) in
Ann Arbor (Hail to the Victors) is the start up business incubator called
Spark near the University of Michigan

For up to the date news click on
Voice of America http://www.voanews.comThe voice of your country....
Wall Street Journal Radio for biz news.
For sports news click on where the Baltimore Ravens are the 2013 football champs, but barely
escaped the Detroit Lions den at Ford field in a
Monday Night Football game on December 12/16/2013; for more info
click on
In the NHL where the Chicago Blackhawks took the 2013 hockey crown click on to see the video.
The National Football League

The Detroit Tigers  were in the running, but lost to Boston.  The Detroit Lions are in first place in their division; with the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers close behind.  For NCAA Football click on
Now back to more serious news....
In war and peace
President Obama Speech on Chemical Weapons stops Syria strikes..
Syria according to media reports has completed it's part of the deal in regard to wmd with chemical weapons disarmament
 War ships are in the region, and war seemed a foregone conclusion.  However President Obama gave a final speech, and despite all the criticism it worked
For more info on the speech click on

Currently Russia and Syria are negotiating with the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and Iran has reached out.  Will it work?...who knows, but whatever happens, with lives at stake while some media pundits and politicians may be upset, the U.S. citizen soldiers who have to suit up and actually fight these wars are most likely glad that a final effort to prevent the fighting has been made after more than 12 years of the U.S. at war. In an update Saudia Arabia has made a move in the conflict, for more info click on

Back to the U.S.A. for U.S. citizens, to find out President Obama's economic plan for the U.S.A., and it's continued progress click on
U.S. Secret Service Cadillac

 In other news closer to home U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited Colorado which has had a major flood to let them know
the U.S.A. is on the way to help, for more info click on  In a show of corporate responsibility
J.P. Morgan Chase, Chrysler  and other businesses are helping out in
speaking of corporate responsibility....
Denver, Colorado
 VP Biden also gave a speech on cyber defense in
London, England also known as the UK
click below for more info
....U.S. CEO Pay Under Scrutiny
 The Superstar CEO era began with a bang and ended with a wimper with the 2008 crash - many CEOs along with U.S. banks were saved from financial ruin by U.S. taxpayers.  An excellent article on this subject is Beyond the Superstar CEO: Where to find an edge by Mark Hulbert of the Wall Street Journal.  Also the SEC  has executive pay under scrutiny and it should be  We do not have a problem with start up company CEOs and the CEOs of well run companies making a lot of money.  However, let's face it, there is a line between earning your pay and looting your company and some CEOs make Jesse James look like an amateur along with making responsible CEOs look bad.  Speaking of
irresponsible behavior U.S. Tax Cheats are coming clean
such as the billionaire Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner.
Affordable Health Care Act Kicks In and is the Law of the Land
So you need to learn more about the Affordable Health Care Act.  Click on and read for yourself.   To ride with the
wave of the Affordable Health Care Act click on in the Harvard Business Review. For the State of Michigan medical exchange website for the Affordable Health Care Act click on,5269,7-303-12902_35510-263899--,00.html;
Governors of U.S. States had the option to set up their own
Affordable Health Care Act medical exchanges or to let the U.S.A. set up
the medical exchange for that state.  To find out
how IBM plans to help with health care outcomes in the
USA read IBM's massive bet on Watson by clicking on
IBM mainframe computer

 With Twitter looking to go public Morgan Chase looking to do the IPO for Chrysler 
the U.S. economy is looking good, it can be better - the money $$$ just needs to be spread around to the middle class, people looking to get into the middle class and younger people.  The coming Twitter IPO will help to do that, and to prevent glitches according to media
reports, it will be tested first and then done on the NYSE, for more info click on  
Dodge Challenger
......speaking of start ups buy
Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology  in the USA  in the UK - check out
A Global village magazine published by an excellent student
from Imperial College in the UK; the college which is listed in Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology as a great place for U.S. students to study abroad.   For students abroad looking to study in the U.S. you may want to try
Wayne State University that has a program at the WSU Law School for lawyers interested in working for start up companies, an excellent engineering school and Tech Town a business incubator for start up companies on campus, the anchor tennant at Tech Town, Asterand a bio-tech company went public on the London Stock Exchange  
The Kindle for info on the new Kindle from
Baseline magazine click on Germany looking for vc in
Germany? Click on
BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works  Do you live in the U.S., know German, and are interested in studying in GermanyWayne State University has a program called Junior Year in Munich, for more
info click on  Also Professor Port wins an award for
the book
Conflict and Stability in the German Democratic Republic. For France start up fever
detailed by TechCrunch  To see a start up company based in France click on
Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology
Capacitación de jóvenes de hoy para la tecnología del futuro
 has a section in the book on 
translating English tech terms into Spanish/Hispanol
traducción de términos de tecnología de inglés a español / Hispanol Spain speaking of which, there is a
Gartner IT Symposium in Barcelona, Spain
 Blackberry formerly called RIM which
stands for Research In Motion.
for start ups in Canada
join the We Tech Alliance, and read
 Biz-X magazine In Canadian hi-tech news,
Blackberry has been acquired
the company is based in
Toronto, Canada  An excellent paper for start up company CEOs
in Asia hi-tech news - アジアハイテクニュースで - 
Ali Baba ipo
free trade zone Kennedy goes through confirmation process to be the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, for more info click on For hi-tech news in Tokyo, Japan click on
Also to locate venture capital near you click on and where new rules, thanks to President Obama  have made it easier to raise venture capital $$$$ for your start up.
For more in depth reading (ie for MBA and or Law students) for financing your start up read 
Do not forget to subscribe to the blog by typing in your e-mail,
read our book list, the cyber security incident list and the latest trends in cloud computing below. 
Also while venture capital is great, paying customers are better for your start up.  Are you selling your product(s), service(s) to consumers, to business, or both?  To get a better handle on the digital marketing strategy for your start up try Pure Visibility  They have a excellent post on this subject, founder Ms. Linda Girard did a recent seminar on this subject.  Also to better understand digital marketing subscribe to Website magazine  
To see start up companies actually doing elevator pitches for funding $$$
at an IBM sponsored event click on
To see the IBM start up blog click on, and for a
IBM start up company camp near you click on
Google Android Phone
As a potential investor in a start up company you want to read
The Secrets of Evaluating a Tech IPO
Wall Street Journal written by Khadeeja Safdar.  The article gives you insight on evaluating start up by comparing recent start ups, their stock prices at the time of the ipo, the stock price now and mentioning critical documents that must be filed with the SEC  Also in the book Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology the company compares Tableau software to Microsoft software, Khadeeja does the same. For cyber security basics click on
For a would be start up company founder, you want to read this article because it shows you how recent start up companies have done, and lets you know how potential investors may evaluate your company.  
where many start up such as Facebook
and major companies such as Google are traded.
Other major stock exchanges are ICE the
Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME and
the London Stock Exchange
August 17th 2013 - September 17th 2013

U.S. President Obama and VP Joe Biden respond to use of
chemical weapons

For start up company tips read
For the latest in military combat vechicles click on and coming soon..
DIAMTS the Detroit International
Automotive Manufacturing Technology Show, and the
The 2013 Michigan Automotive Summit with GM CEO
Dan Akers as a headline speaker, to register click on
For Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas click on

NATO ponders action on Syria
F-117 Stealth Fighter

U.N Security Council meets on Syria
President Obama has the legal right in partnership with NATO to go to war in
Syria due to the NATO article 5 triggered by the 9-11 attack; U.S. ally France is already on board, yet in a call to the nobler aspects of U.S. traditions (FDR in World War IIPresident Obama has called for a vote on action in Syria, even though he has the legal right to call for a strike under NATO article 5 so that the elected representatives of U.S. Citizens will be on the recordMSNBC has video on

B-2, B-1, and B-52 bombers from bottom to top

 While UK Prime Minister Cameron who pushed for U.S. action against Syria along with France now must deal with a vote against it by the Britsh Parliament in a personal political set back at home  One thing that will help if diplomacy fails in Syria is the U.S. Navy now can save on energy costs, for more info click on

  In further news
U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry make the case for strike against Syria
in the August 31st, 2013 Wall Street Journal, click below for more info
To see President Obama's statement on Syria click on

President Obama gives a speech honoring the March on Washington in 1963
For info on the MLK Jr. Center click on To stay on top of start up companies and IT listen to
Monocle Radio
B2 Bomber

President Obama Promotes Education
to support this initiative click on  Ending the war responsibly in Iraq, which was smart strategically because U.S. troops are no longer pinned down there, and getting the U.S economy roaring again has shown that the U.S. Government is competent and part of the solution not the problem when businesses needed to be bailed out in 2008.  Read an excellent article by Charles S. Clarke who writes about how excellence in execution by the current administration has helped improve the image of the U.S. by clicking on

So your child can learn about start up companies, IT and maybe start his or her own start up company buy
on Amazon in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom.  U.S. colleges such as University of Michigan  and colleges abroad such as Imperial College  in the UK are listed in the book for high school or college students who are thinking of studying/working abroad while in college.  One Imperial College student Neave O'Clery working on her graduate studies has created the magazine called
A Global Village click on to check it out.  Another outstanding student is
Yunjoo Goze of Wayne State University who won an award for a national writing contest sponsored by the American Bar Association on renewable energyWayne State University is also an excellent school to consider for studying abroad and is listed in Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology.

FBI Director Mueller steps down,0,2103858.story, stresses cyber security in
NPR Interview  Speaking of cyber security UK Prosecutors to Charge Nine in Media (hacking) probe

NASDAQ crash

NASDAQ had a crash yesterday (8/22/2013)
software "glitch" that could have been a cyber attack; for info on why the company MB and MTI theorizes the  Goldmach Sachs "glitch"could be a cyber security incident scroll down to our world wide cyber security list below.

For more info on previous NASDAQ outages scroll down to our world wide cyber security incident
list below, subscribe for free by e-mail. 

In tech news older tech giants take a hit from Cloud Computing 
(see our Cloud Computing list below) Titans, with Steve Ballmer calling it a day at Microsoft; by the way Steve Ballmer was born in....
Detroit, Michigan the son of an auto executive.  One of Microsoft's key software
partnerships is with Ford's Sync software

  For a paid cyber security assessment report of your IT infrastructure by MB and MTI click on and send a Facebook message.  The former CEO of SymantecMr. John Thompson leads the search for the new CEO of Microsoft; he is an excellent executive pulling off the merger of Veritas with Symantec then making a graceful exit at Symantec before joining the Microsoft board of directors. Baseline magazine has a view on Microsoft, to read it click on
You have to hand it to Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google, to see a recent speech by Larry click on; Google recently cracked the $1,000 per share barrier, for more info click on
Larry might want to do some homework by reading followed by reading
American Icon: Allan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company
   Google was ahead of the game by acquiring Motrola; Microsoft  now follows suite by acquiring Nokia  This financial/technology move just confirms the paradigm shift from the PC/laptop to the smart phone that MB and MTI has been writing about here on this blog and in the book Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology in the U.S. and in the U.K..

 To find out more about Cloud Computing scroll down to the section of the blog titled...
a F-117 in the Clouds

.....The Art of (Cyber) War - Cloud Computing on the Cutting Edge.  The next thing I would suggest for CIOs at one of the top Tech Giants (such as HP who are having trouble adapting to the Cloud is to contact Pure Visibility and subscribe to Website Magazine along with  CEOs, CIOs and start ups should remember the 5 Factors that shape industry competition:
  1. The threat of new entrants into the market.
  2. Bargaining power of suppliers.
  3. Rivalry among competitors.
  4. Bargaining power of buyers.
  5. The threat of substitute products or services.

according to Michael Porter in an article in the Harvard Business Review, check it out for the full article and the diagram by clicking on

The Finance Function in a Global Corporation in the Harvard Review, is an excellent article for auto executives and IT companies.

To find out what Bill (Gates), Steve, and Paul Allen did in the early days at
Microsoft read

Mr. Allen also  has an excellent section in the book on smart phones.
Also to check out an innovation Mr. Ballmer put in place before he stepped down,
click on  Read further below in the section where  there is a picture of the
Kinect game console for the X-Box along with international newspapers to get more info on the Microsoft Store near you.

L'art de (Cyber​​) Warfare
The Art of (Cyber) War

President Obama keeps his eye on the Improving U.S. Economy
Искусство (Cyber​​) Warfare
El arte de la (ciber) Guerra
While VP Joe Biden keeps a close eye on
Cyber Defense
with a speech addressing the subject in the U.K.
There will be a Private Equity Analyst conference in New York at the
for more info or to register click on  Speaking of Cyberdefense CIOs interested in the subject may
Downtown Detroit, Michigan
want to attend a CIO executive dinner conference in Detroit, Michigan click on for more info or to register.
For info on cybersecurity from the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security click on
to analyze cyber threats by type and region click on
July 19th - August 5th 2013
BlackHat 2013

Defcon 2013
2600 Magazine
is a hacker magazine.   For info on Quantum Dawn 2 -  a bank cyber defense excercise and hacker attacks on banks in South Korea scroll down to our world wide cyber security list below, do not forget to subcribe for free by e-mail...

Start up events in Detroit and rest of U.S. below..
TechTown DTX Start up company event

Student Startup Contest
President Obama lays out a plan to
get a Better Bargain for the middle class
President Obama also pays tribute to U.S. Korean War Veterans (see cyber warfare incident list for the the video).
 The economy is better by far than
2008, but the U.S.A. can and should do better. Hopefully
the loyal opposition can unite on
a Better Bargain for the middle class as
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
came together with former President George W. Bush
and former First Lady Laura Bush for 9/11 click below for info.
Chevy Impala 2014
July 19th - 27th 2013
Despite the international headlines, Detroit aka the Motor City just keeps on humming..
In more news Jimmy Buffet and thousands of loyal fans invaded the Motor City this past weekend and turned it into
Margaritaville.  All work and no play makes Johnny (and Jill) dull people so
listen to the Voice of America and Bloomberg News before you soak up your daily news on start ups, IT, finance and the company specialty...             
The Art of (Cyber) War
فن (سايبر) الحرب
El arte de la (ciber) War
(Cyber​​) Savaş Sanatı
Искусство (Cyber​​) войны
Die Kunst des (Cyber-) Kriegs
It's always darkest before the dawn....
Voice of America  http://www.voanews.comThe voice of your country....
Wall Street Journal Radio for biz news..
X-47 B drone
U.S. Drone on a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier
for live video click on
One of the hardest things for a U.S. Navy pilot to learn (some never do and can not serve on a air carrier if they do not) is to land on a
aircraft carrier because of the speed of the plane coming in for a landing,
the short runway, the cost of the planes in the millions, and almost no margin for error (you go overboard or have to try take off again if you run out of room). 
So for a drone using A.I. (Artificial Inteligence) to do this is a real 
technological break through. In other tech breakthroughs the article
The Future of War in Popular Mechanics is a eye opener. 
U.S. aircraft carrier
The Art of (Cyber) War
De kunst van het (Cyber​​) War
Cybersecurity tops agenda in meeting with
President Obama and President Xi
according to AP  and we are
sure a few business deals were cut, maybe the coming Ali Baba ipo...
فن (سايبر) الحرب

The military might of the U.S. rests on a strong economy and few know the insides of what make U.S. capital markets tick more than Arthur Levitt Jr.,

Take on the Street  His father was the Comptroller of New York City when the then Mayor of New York City Ed Koch wanted to raid the public worker pensions funds (today City of Detroit public workers hope someone like Arthur Levitt's father; who stood strong against the pension fund raid though he suffered a stroke when verbally attacked for his stance by Mayor Koch, as described in the begining of the book.  New York City was also saved from it's financial crisis by the efforts of the legendary banker Felix Rohaytyn who helped to refinance New York in it's emergency).  Just as the deal was done for New York Citythe deal will get done in the City of Detroit by Emergency Financial Manager Kevin Orr who already helped in the financial restructing of Chryler that now has Chrysler generating most of the profit from Fiat Chrysler ahead of the Chrysler ipo.  Speaking of finance the FT gets the Detroit headline right with ...Detroit Chance to reboot after decades of neglect  In other financial news Richard Cordray is appointed the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Burea  

In good news for Detroit Mr. Bill Hults a developer from Chicago has plans for a long abandoned eye sore in Detroit that will turn it into a start up company magnet in the Motor City
Sears Tower  in Chicago, an architectural masterpiece; for a book on
architecture in Detroit scroll down to the company book list. Speaking of art below is a
picture of the Detroit Institute of Arts and in the next company update the company will introduce you to the Director of the DIA Mr. Graham W.J. Beal and how he can use the current financial restructuring in the
City of Detroit as a marketing bananza and improve the financial security of the DIA.  One clue to how he could do this is..
Did you know that Netscape now a division of Time Warner once did a
hi-tech product launch at the
Detroit Institute of Arts

The company's estimate for the DIA's art treasures, the building, and land not counting the annual revenue from exhibits is $15 - 20 Billion with a B dollars.  For those who doubt this consider the
following: 1 painting that the Home Alone movie poster is based on sold for
$100 million dollars recently.  Whoops, excuse the company we stand corrected, the actual amount paid for the painting titled "The Scream" was $120 million, and the buyer?.Leon Black the co-founder of Apollo Global Management; Leon was the former right hand man of the Junk Bond King Michael (Mike) Miliken, who helped the late great tycoon Reginald Lewis do a LBO of TLC Beatrice, which at the time was based in Chicago. For more on Leon, a art lover, get your special edition of the Forbes 400

  An excellent article on the art world social circuit is
For Art Dealers, a New Life on the Fair Circuit, the 2 top art auction houses are:
Christie's and
Christie's has won the contract to do the appraisals on the DIA

Also at the DIA
Foto Europa 1840 - present is at the Detroit Institute of Arts, for more info
click on and the film
Chico and Rita about the Cuban and New York Jazz scene during the
Jazz Bebop era.  Also in art news the Re:View art gallery is having a reception Sunday November 10th, 2013 at 3:00 pm. Click on
for more information.
Speaking of ipos (initial public offering) look for one of
these banks to do the Chrysler ipo:

J.P. Morgan Chase $6.5 Billion
Wells Fargo  $5.5 Billion
Citigroup  $4.2  Billion
Bank of America  $4.0 Billion
Goldman Sachs  $1.9 Billion
Morgan Stanley $1.0 Billion; to find out more about
Wall Street returns to era of Big Profits, click on

For more info on the Chrysler ipo Sergio speaks
Mr. Levitt Jr. is a fan of technology such as Apple as described in the book so it would not surprise the company if he he was one of the first people to get Glass 
though we do not know for sure...
for more info on glass click on
To see a video of Mr. Levitt a former SEC Chairman click on  Richard (Dick) Grasso the former head of the New York Stock Exchange, now called the NYSE Euronext and a part of ICE orginally wanted to be a New York City cop on the beat; instead he became a cop on the beat of Wall Street as the head of the NYSE, now called the NYSE Euronext. By the way the NYSEuronext will now
be regulating Libor due to a bank rate fixing scandal, click on for more info.  In other financial news the "Fabulous Fab" Toure as he called himself at Goldman Sachs back in 2008
goes to trial, and
Cohen charged over insider trading, click on for more info as the
fight to clean up the Wall Street culture that led to the financial meltdown in 2008 continues.

To check out a hi-tech start up company such as Facebook or a Fortune 500 company such as the Generals; General Electric and General Motors click on and do your research.  Start up companies used to dream of the day that Richard (Dick) Grasso would let them ring the opening bell at the NYSE because that meant their company was going public, and that meant big bucks $$$ to start up company founders and employees with stock options.  In his book below King of the Club Grasso tells of his humble, blue collar beginings, his triumphs and his downfall. 
An excellent book for business executives or
would be start up tech people who are looking to take their start up companies public, as well as a great
human story.  Further down the blog we have a book list, a cyber warfare worldwide incident list, along with articles on cloud computing, to subscribe just type in your e-mail on the right side below where it says follow by e-mail and click on submit.  As U.S. President Obama, SEC  Chairwoman Mary Joe White and her legal team at the SEC restore the proper financial controls to the U.S. capital markets -  Dick's book along with Mr. Levitt's book will help defeat the arguments of those who cry after crashing the economy in 2008 that there is too much regulation.   One of the best parts of the books is when Mr. Grasso describes the pressure he got from a NYSE boardmember who was a Goldman Sachs alumni who later became head of the U.S. Treasury, and the former Chairman of AIG before Mr. Grasso's downfall and of course both needed help from U.S. taxpayers after the crash of 2008.....

June 15th  – July 25th2013
Media baron's hacking scandal continues - for more info go to the world wide cyber security list below, scouring the world for IT, and start up  talent
find out more about top notch tech from a top notch exec click on
and to read an executive profile along with a peek into the future written by star reporter Jessi Hemphill of Fortune magazine  who covers the tech beat; Jessi does it again with the latest article in Fortune on the social media software start up LinkedIn (the CEO of LinkedIn is Jeff Weiner, the venture capitalist who backed the company is Mr. Reid Hoffman of Greylock in the September 9, 2013 issue on newstands and in book stores now!

IBM CEO Rometty was the IBM
IBM building in Southfield, Michigan
a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan.
exec who was mentioned earlier who benefited from GM's paying for school in a show of good corporate citizenship back when she worked in Detroit aka MoTown for GM
The Watson Supercomputer
for more info click on
Other top magazines for tech are:
CSO magazine
CIO magazine has an article on Big Data, for more info click on
CFO magazine
Baseline magazine is a fusion of business and technology; a great
magazine Information Week has printed it's last paper issue, for IT
milestones click on  Also Autoweek
had a great May 2013 issue with an article on BMW  i8, and an article on a Cloud Car check out the current issue of
Autoweek and our section on Cloud Computing further down the blog, also subscribe to our blog  by e-mail.

  The Detroit Goldcup 2013 a speedboat race was
held July 12-14 for more info click on
Also coming up in Detroit on the Wayne State University campus is Techonomy Detroit
for more info or to register click on
the headliner is Mr. Jack Dorsey, the uber  (German for super) hacker and founder of Twitter; however the company thinks his start up to watch now is called Square a smart phone
hardware business that helps small start ups and larger companies such as Starbucks
Also are you curious about what top execs think about carbon trading?  It might surprise you, to find out click on  
Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology has a section on green technology that
includes carbon trading and how Wall Street and main street can benefit from it.  
For hi-tech start up news, it is hard to beat
Venture Beat
To find VC cash $$$ click on
to register and buy
Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology in the U.S.A and in the U.K.
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan with a student, for more info on education
click on
The First Lady, Michelle Obama makes a statement on the  state of U.S. education
near the MB and MTI book list further below.
To find out how Google has helped the U.S. with their technology click on 
Google is also on the move in MoTown (Detroit) with the expert Alex Boyd on July 25th, 2013
his topic was The Google Web Toolkit in Practice hosted by the Detroit Google Developers Group.  The seminar was held at Bizdom a start up accelerator in downtown Detroit.  Mr. Boyd talked about the history and software versions of the the Google Web Toolkit, there were about 20-25 people there and there was pizza and pop for the attendees, the next Google Developer's Group event will be held in Waterloo, Ontario Canada in September 2013 with Google Engineers in attendance.  The corporate sponsors for the Detroit Google Developers Group event in Detroit were:
Bizdom - the meeting space
Quicken Loans  - the food
O'Reilly Media  - the sponsored book prizes, and the
speaker Mr. Alex Boyd who works for iRule

For info on the Affordable Health Care Act, click on  To see how the Watson supercomputer can help improve
health care in the U.S.A and world wide click on; also in health care news in the July 2013 print edition of USA Today
an article shows how 80% of hospitals embrace electronic records, which is the name of the
Linda Girard of Pure Visibility can help you grow your business
SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, in case you do not understand that she can help you with that also, it's a good thing.
The Pyramids in Egypt at dawn
For the official Egyptian culture/tourism web site
The U.S. and Egyptian Relationship 
Did you know that Egyptians are one of largest groups of Facebook users on the planet?  Did you know that a Google VP who is also an Egyptian was arrested (but later released with U.S. diplomacy) in the uprising that felled Hosni Mubarak?  In the recent crisis former President Morsi was removed from office, the Chief Justice of the Egyptian Supreme Court replaced him as interim President of Egypt and General Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi, Chairman of SCAF has moved to restore order in Egypt, for more info
click on
In the latest update President Morisi has been put on trial, and the trial is on hold until January 2014, for more info click on  
BlackBerry Z-10
  A great start up that went public with an ipo on the London Stock Exchange but that is based in Detroit is Asterand   Covisint a health care start up company ipo spinoff from Compuware is in the works and has Detroit, Michigan connections, currently the deal is in standstill agreement while Elliott Management  does it due diligence, for more info click on ...
Compuware in downtown Detroit has the renovated Campus Martius public space for
Detroiters, people in Michigan and visitors to the city.
The park renovated by former CEO of Compuware Peter Karmanos won one of the Ten Top Public Spaces award in 2010 from the
American Planning Association  To
see why subscribe to the Campus Martius newsletter by
clicking on to upcoming events.
There are 2 French start up companies to keep an eye on,  the first is:
The Eiffel Tower

Daily Motion - the French YouTube that Yahoo tried to acquire as Yahoo tries to face off with Google, for more info

The second is Calinda Software, the start up competed in the European Sharepoint Server contest
for more info click on  The City of Detroit (Detroit means "the straight" in French) and Cadillac the car owes it's name to the French explorer Antoine de Cadillac
So the French influence in the U.S.A., especially in Detroit is alive and well

For another Egyptian and U.S. similarity one is President Nixon (a Republican) stated on national TV with the Journalist David Frost that whatever he did as President was legal because he was the President.  The reason a lot of Egyptians were mad at President Morisi was because though he won the election he basically stated that because he was the President of Egypt he was above the Egyptian Judiciary and could do what he wanted.  In contrast to the U.S. and Egypt that is why you hear often the U.S. is a nation of laws not men, so with the U.S.A.'s system of checks and balances it is hard for a single man to overide the law; as a result President Nixon chose to resign.  It was no accident that President Morisi was replaced by a member of the Egyptian Judiciary (Supreme Court) because he never accepted their authority, while in the end Nixon did accept the authority of the court and congress but kept the tapes, along with handing over power to VP Gerald Ford, who then became President Gerald Ford, for more info read Write it When I am Gone
Just to throw another French connection in there, U.S. President Gerald R. Ford attended the
University of Michigan  - Go Blue!.....
which was modeled on the
French University
Ecole Polytechnique -
For more info on France click on
France has Tour De France
in the U.S.A. we have Tour De Troit which just started in
Detroit, Michigan USA in 2013. To buy a bike in Detroit click on
as Detroiters try healthier life styles that put bike paths in urban areas.

  Many Egyptians never accepted this (President Morisi saying he was above the law) and when President Moris's financial backer in Qatar handed over power to his son, President Morisi was toast and now Egypt may have to accept a IMF loan  Egypt currently is in transition with the  Egyptian General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi playing a leading role with a new President chosen from the Egyptian Judiciary to replace former President Morisi who now faces charges, more details will be provided once the company has better information.

Two experts on the Middle East and World Affairs you may want to check out are Fareed Zakaria who also thinks the U.S. should stay out of Syria if at all possible, and Saeed Khan who lectures at Wayne State University and has done a seminar at WSU that inlcuded experts from all sides of the spectrum at the WSU Law School on the Syrian crisis; he also does interviews with the BBC and other media outlets.

President Obama in contrast, has shown excellent leadership and diplomacy in meeting with the leader of China, President Obama's and First Lady Michelle Obama's tour of Africa; most important Great leadership like charity begins at home and the U.S. economy is hitting on all cylinders after the financial disaster of 2008 and would be even better without the Sequester, which right wing members of the GOP requested.  In more leadership by First Lady Michelle Obama, she met with the Mayor of Southfield, Michigan Mayor Brenda Lawrence to promote her health initiative Let's Move Mayor Brenda Lawrence, showed leadership by building the City of Southfield's ultra modern library (see below) to help educate U.S. kids after she was elected the Mayor of Southfield.
In another display of leadership VP Joe Biden met with the Hotshot Fire fighting team's friends and family to help mourn the loss of their loved ones    That is leadership.   
To learn how President Obama is helping to prepare kids for the jobs and leadership positions of the future
click on
also check out to keep kids in the USA in the global education race..
How Soon They Forget...
The Art of (Cyber) War
De kunst van het (Cyber​​) War

The U.S.A. is still at war, and has been at war for 11 going on 12 years, this September.  For info on the latest casualties click on
the U.S. winds down the war in Afghanistan.  So of course the NSA is doing it's job to help
prevent attacks.  So if you are a computer code cracker, hacker extraordinaire you
just might want to sign up with
U.S. Cyber Command, or NSA and find out what the requirements are for the job -for more info click on
One more thing to add about General Alexander is honesty; he has stated that if the U.S. fights a ground war in Syria it will cost billions and could take 10 years  That is why I have a picture of the book the Illiad above; the Illiad is the story of the Trojan War, a war between Greek City States (such as Athens and Sparta) and the City of Troy.  That war took 20 years, if you add it to the current 12 years for  Iraq and Afghanistan where the U.S. is still fighting, the U.S. will easily break the 20 year record if NATO or the U.S. goes to war with Syria, which seems more likely by the day.
For the quick version try the DVD

A CFO conference co-sponsored by the The Wall Street Journal and Deloitte will be held in Washington D.C. on June 17th - June 18th, 2013.  For more info on the conference and how to register
click on

Some of the headliners will be Daniel Yergin of IHS, an energy expert, Pamela J. Craig of Accenture the consulting company, and Nicholas C. Fanandakis of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company

Diplomacy was and is a key in finding a way out of Afghanistan and the new
US UN Ambassador is a key part of the U.S. Diplomatic team along with the new National Security Advisor in ending the war in Afghanistan, and finding a
diplomatic solution to Syria if possible. 
   UN Building
For more info on the history of the U.S. National Security Advisor, click on  For a new cyber warfare development click on
In other news from the White House that will help the U.S.A. keep it's hi-tech edge click on
Air Force One with a F-16 fighter escort
U.S., China Super power meeting

To read a statement by President Obama on this meeting click on
For more info  on this historic meeting from the MSNBC perspective click on
For more info on this historic meeting from the Chinese Digital Times perspective click on
 Downtown Beijing, China

IBM has been in China for years; for the IBM China homepage click on; the Chinese are good business partners, just
ask IBM  and GM and that means good American jobs so the
meeting of President Obama and President Xi is a great thing.  For more info on this click on for video.  As the China
middle class rises it will help if the China middle class buys U.S. products as well as
invests in the U.S.. For info on the latest U.S. job and economic statistics click on  Besides the economy,

Cadillac is also back!
To read a recent review click on

Thanks to some hard choices and defying the "conventional" wisdom by
betting on American workers.  Just to jog that memory click on so you can remember
How Far We Have Traveled.
Ford Focus Electric

The Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show  (DIAMTS) was just in town in the Motor City, (click below to see a man who loves the
Motor City

so the North American International Auto Show ( NAIAS) is soon to come (in January 2014), click on for more information.  While you are in town you might want to
hit the following hot spots.

Motor City Casino
India Arie coming on November 17, 2013 to
the Motor City Casino Sound Board.  For more info and tickets click
on, with
Aretha Franklin on December 21, 2013.  To bring in the New Year there is the
North American International Auto Show from
January 13 - 26, 2014 at
Cobo Center, and
the Shen Yun 2014 Feb 04-09, 2014 at the Detroit Opera House

Greektown  Casino

MGM Casino

and then cool off at the Ren Cen which is by the Detroit River; it has an excellent view of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Since people come from around the world to check out the
NAIAS in Detroit, here are news sources from around the world so that you
can keep abreast of news from around the globe while you are in Detroit and right across the bridge from Windsor, Ontario Canada.

News Sources from around the Globe a story on Syriain http://www.yachtingmagazine.comA great story on cash management for small biz and Fortune 500 companies in
The Start Up Valley of Death Graph

For a better view and for Start up Company Tips click on
Also give thanks to Mr. Martin Zwilling who created the graph and blog with the tips listed above.
The article below gives a quick summary of the start up company process with a real life example, click on
Bloomberg News appears to be following us and is now getting into the vc (venture capital) arena, for more info click on, Bloomberg is setting up a venture capital fund for start ups called

Bloomberg stock trading terminal

For an excellent article on Bloomberg click on,
for more financial info such as IT underpinnings of ICE which now owns the New York Stock Exchange pick up the 12/23/2013 edition of Fortune magazine.

Go to MB and MTI's Facebook page!/pages/Maximillian-Bryan-Marcell-Technologies-Internationale-LLC/140988465978339 and click on like! 

 To join a start up community near you, or if there is not one to create one yourself click on  Russia has joined the start up game with start ups such as
Yandex; Yandex is the Russian Google.
For more start up news in Russia click on
Thanks to Biz X magazine we know that the We-Tech Alliance is looking for start ups in Windsor, Ontario Canada for free coaching every Tuesday.  For more info check out the May 2013 issue pg 15 of Biz X by clicking on

For start up company, hi-tech tips
To learn how to turn your start up ideas into cash $$$$$ in U.S. in the United Kingdom 
The Art of (Cyber) War
Искусство (Cyber​​) войны
For info from the North Atlantic Treat Organization aka NATO on how to defend your organization against cyber attacks click on
Die Kunst des (Cyber​​) War

Along with City of Detroit USA, Berlin Germany, Yes Berlin Germany (Ja, Berlin, Deutschland)
is becoming a hi-tech start up hub.  For more info click on
A town in Michigan that will remind you of Germany is Frankenmuth, also called Michigan's Little Bavaria, for more info click on
L'art de (Cyber​​) War
The Art of (Cyber) War
Yahoo CEO tries to buy the French version of YouTube
called  You go, Marissa, sometimes no, just means not now especially if Le France sees you picking another M and A dance partner, Vive Le France. For more info on Marissa and her plans for search at Yahoo (Yahoo was the search engine leader at one time) click on

 A French start up to check out is Calinda Software,
for more info click on
The Art of (Cyber) War
האמנות (סייבר) המלחמה
First Lady Michelle Obama starts a program for U.S. Veterans, spouses and survivors of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, for more info click on
The Art of (Cyber) War
Sanaa ya (it) Vita
The Art of (Cyber​​) Perang
(Cyber​​) Savaş Sanatı
In start up tech news T-Mobile merges with Metro PCs, Nokia  loses smart phone leadership in it’s home market of Finland, for more info click on There is a new Sheriff in town at the FCC, and he is from the Venture Capital world.  For more
start up company info click on
There is also Dan (Primack) the venture capital man, you may want to click on and subscribe to his
newsletter on start ups and hi-tech it is great.
The Detroit Grand Prix was this past Weekend
for more info read below.....
May 25th - June 1st 2013
Memorial Day
In memory to the fallen, and a time to reflect on the true cost of war...
Also now is a
time to make sure no war is rushed into without careful debate, informed consent of the public
and the support of U.S. Citizens.
To Help Out in Oklahoma with the Tornado survivors click on
Speaking of Helping Out and come backs New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President Obama show how bipartisanship is supposed to work as New Jersey is ready for the summer tourism season and the state continues to recover, for more info click on
F-14 Tomcat  The F-14 was followed by the F-15, and later the F-16 fighter plane see the F-16 below.   
The F-16 was unique when introduced because it used fly by wire technology; IT systems in airplanes are called avionics.  The company was sent info on the retirement of one of the first pilots to fly an F-16, U.S. Air Force Major General Lawrence Wells.  To find out more about his service to his country click on
Also for vets, dependents and survivors who need info on what benefits they may qualify for you want to order

Federal Benefits for Veterans Dependents and Survivors
from the Department of Veterans Affairs
Speaking of Tourism
The Detroit Grand Prix was this past weekend May 31 - June 2, 2013
the car above is the Chevy Camaro ZL 1, the ZL 1 is the official pace car of the
Chevy Grand Prix in Motown (Detroit), for more info
click on or call 1 (866) 464-7749 to buy a ticket.  Once
the Grand Prix is over some sites you may want to see in the Motor City (Detroit) are:
  1. The Re:View Art Gallery
  2. The N'Namdi Art Gallery
  3. The Detroit Institute of Arts where the signature masterpiece is the Diego Rivera 
mural showing auto workers on the line making cars.  This world famous art work was commissioned by Mr. Edsel Ford 
 of Ford   In case you are in the mood for a cold beer, and to relax inside 
or on the outside on the terrace Motor City Brewing Works is a good spot to go and get your latest issue of Brewing News
Detroit's first Sister City in Japan was Toyota City
Another City in Japan is Tokyo and for hi-tech today we introduce you to the Tokyo Institute of Technology Newsletter. In the Winter 2013 Vol 17 issue, it talks about one of the top mainframe computers in the world.  The name of the mainframe in the Tsubame2.0 a multi-petaflop supercomputer.  Below is one of Toyota City's well known car brands, a Lexus. 
In more car news I learned from Automation Alley
about a hi-tech car seminar; for more info click on
In hacking news Liberty Reserve gets lassoed by the Feds and
ATM cyber ring gets cold busted,0,2323589.story. Scroll down below to get to the cyberwarfare list, and the section on cloud computing. To subscribe just type in your your e-mail on the right where it says follow by e-mail and press the submit button. Working on a start up company? Read Venture Beat...
for more info click on In case you are
working on a mobile start up you want to read about and maybe register for
Mobile Beat 2013
the new Moto X smartphone 
For more info on the Moto X click on
more start up, venture capital, and tech and financial news keep reading below....
The FT is one of the top if not the top source for Financial News in the U.S. and world wide. The top headline today in the company's opinion is US Steps up Pace of Economic Recovery, for more info click on
War drums can threaten the economic recovery in the U.S., and are beating; the best analysis I have read in the U.S. on possible war with Syria is in Time by Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, for more info on him click on, for the article click on
GM  international HQ and the People Mover in
downtown Detroit, Michigan.  GM's rebuilding of the
Detroit riverfront was good business and being a good corporate
Being a Good Corporate Citizen
GM starts it's new Student Corps, that bring students and retirees together in a mentoring program. For more info check out the latest issue of the Detroit Auto Scene, and or go to the Twitter hashtag #GMStudentCorps; the group is also on Facebook One top CEO who benefitted from GM being a good corporate citizen, and good to it's employees is a top IBM executive who will be mentioned in the next update....
A citizen/soldier, venture capitalist gives back to his native New York City. For who this might be click on
Ford's donating to a recreation center for kids in southwest Detroit was also good business and being a good corporate
A CEO who also knows how to give back is Sergio Marchionne of Chrysler/Fiat
Sergio via the Sons of Italy Foundation was honored  along with the 
the Actor Gary Sinise and Colin Powell who was honored for America's Promise, the nation's largest multi-sector alliance that focuses on the well being of children.  Speaking of which..

Kids News

A new tool being used at some schools to trains kids on computer hardware is described in the New York Times article A Tiny Computer Attracts a Million Tinkerers. For more info click on
click on It allows kids to get computer hardware experience at a low cost $25.00 and get experience with Linux, an open source operating system developed by Linus Torvald

The best Teacher in the State of Michigan is Gary Abud a Science Teacher at Grosse Point North High School.  For more info click on,4615,7-140--304371--,00.html.

A debate on education in the State of Michigan by Mr. Thomas Pedroni and Mr. John Covington can be read; it is a debate you will hear more about.  In the book Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology ( in U.S. in the United Kingdom) the issues of trends in public and charters schools is debated in the U.S. and different education models used abroad in K-12 education, along with college students studying abroadGrand Valley State University has a report on charter schools called
the 2010 - 2011 Charter Schools Office Report, a more recent report covers 2011 - 2012.  To get the report click on
A new trend parents need to be aware of are e-books and the increased use of e-books on
the k-12, and college level.  The major platforms for e-books are the Kindle from Amazon, the Nook from Barnes and Noble and the Apple iPad.   To let us know your
or your child's experience with an e-reader just click on and post your experience or post it on the blog.  In health news for kids schools in China have introduced eye excercises for children.  For more information click on

For more education news, for parents and kids into tech you want to check out Connect Ed by clicking on  Author Michael Crichton  made science fun for a lot of kids (and adults) by writing book such as Jurassic Park (bio-technology), Airframe (aerospace engineering), and
Prey (nanotechnology); for more info on the
real National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network click on
Winter/Spring 2014 Book Reading List
An army, and a family travels on it stomach, so
to learn how to cook a good meal so your kids
can make it to school ready to learn
Eating healthy is important, but so is exercise and that is why the First Lady's Let's Move initiative is so important for adults and kids. One book that complements and mentions the First Lady Michelle's Let's Move initiative is the book
 Conscious Capitalism  by Raj Sisodia and CEO John Mackey, definitely worth a read if you are into healthy eating, starting/growing a business or if you just want to read about better corporate values moving forward after the crash of 2008.  The First Lady is also doing a new initiative on improving
education in the U.S.A. with the wife of VP Joe Biden, Jill Biden  The First Lady's educational trip to China
continues, for more information click on, today
she will visit the Stanford Center at Peking University in Beijing, China for
more info click on
For an interesting article on The 50 Most Powerful Women (in business) in Fortune magazine
click on
For websites to help you evaluate schools click on,
For a summer camp to teach your teenager software coding
click on
For Parents who want their kids to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in a summer camp, camps such as the Camp Invention in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office might be a good choice, one is in Royal Oak, Michigan, for info call 1(800) 968-4332.  For one near you click on   Also the work many kids now do in school is done on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone - how do you and they keep track?  You might want to try Pathbrite, also on LinkedIn and Facebook  In more science news for kids
there is a program called Meet the Scientist Saturday for more info
click on!/events/551062964969277/

Now back to books.....
Next to learn about leadership buy 
This feme fatale above (sorry guys she is taken) has worked at Google,
 Facebook and she knows Wall Street.  The article The Competitive Imperative of Learning
by Professor Amy C. Edmondson in the Harvard Business Review is an excellent article for school and work.  To find out about Women's Leadership in Michigan Top Public Companies
2003 -2013 click on, another good place to
network is Success with Moira Forbes, for more info
click on
For info on hi-tech from a smooth Harvard Business School grad who has lived the American Dream but not forgotten his blue collar roots buy
 and learn how he, IBM Chairman Samuel J. Palmisano, current CEO Virginia (Ginny) Rometty and the rest of the team at IBM helped to bring IBM back from the brink.
From a young man who had a dream, who created the sound of Young America, and is now
killing them $$$ on Broadway with the musical buy
The impact that Motown had in the U.S.A. and abroad is on display at the
Schomburg Center in New York, to read more about the center
click on,
and for an article describing the Motown exhibit click on
For business school students, and executives who are interested in another corporate turn around story, Big Ed Whiteacre's American Turnaround is a great book to read
after all Big Ed said no to Microsoft and survived when that was rare, picked Apple as a telecom partner when they were down on their luck, close to bankruptcy  helping the late, great Steve Jobs launch the iPhone, and just when you thought there were no more rabbits for him to pull out of his hat, helped to set a nice foundation for the current
GM CEO Daniel Akerson, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate after the crash of 2008. 

His rep took a hit with the London Whale, but then the man boxes for fun, so it is no surprise he came out swinging and remains the CEO and Chairman of J.P. Morgan Chase.  The most interesting part of the book to the company is where he describes how he and his team tied the back office computers systems of past bank acqusitions together so different IT systems could communicate; this prepared his team for one of the biggest IT integration jobs on the fly ever when Lehman Brothers hit the skids during the crash of 2008 and the USA relied on his fortress balance sheet to take on Lehman Brothers with a due diligence that was done at warp (beam me up Scotty...) speed....

The House of Dimon is a definite buy

For more info on Mr. Dimon check out The Dealmaker and the Dynamo by clicking on  For more info on banking from a special report by the Economist in May of 2008 click on, and if you really want to
stay in the know on finance subscribe to and
CSOs (Chief Security Officers) add CSO magazine
Even a banking/tech guru such as Mr. Dimon, or someone like you can learn
from reading The Now Revolution: 7  Shifts to make your business faster, smarter and more social 
and The Management Mythbuster
 These last 2 books I came across at IBM seminars; one on
Cognos a big data software application seminar at the GM world wide HQ in downtown Detroit, Michigan at the Ren Cen and the Rational Systems and Software Engineering Symposium on the auto industry at the
Ford campus in Dearborn, Michigan.  More on what happened at these 2 seminars at a later date on the blog, both books are excellent reads.....

One book that can help you better understand a business executive and Japanese culture is
Made in Japan by Akio Morita the former CEO of Sony
Read about this to learn about Sony the creator of the Walkman; the iPod of it's day, how he adapted as a Japanese businessman to American business, and how he followed the rules when needed in Japan, but also broke them when they needed to be broken.
A new Sony product is the Sony Optical Disk Drive great for CIOs and School Technology Directors to back up important data, for more info click on For more news on the changes at Sony, which is now a media giant click on
Detroit Heart Soul features people such as Berry Gordy of Motown, William (Bill) Ford of Ford and people you may not have known are from Detroit such as the Hollywood film Director Jerry Bruckheimer. Check it out....  
American City: Detroit Architecture
Sponsored by the IT King Peter Karmanos, this books shows real architectural gems
in the City of Detroit.  For Jazz Lovers the book

A history of Jazz in Detroit might be a nice read...
To hear Jazz in Detroit click on to
hear musical historian Ed Love
at 7:00 pm Saturday EST.  To keep up on Jazz click on,
one modern jazz band is the incomparable
The Best Blue Note album in the world..ever is
also an excellent jazz album

Also when it come to music:
The Detroit Jazz Festival 2014 - to follow on
Twitter @detroitjazzfest and on
Facebook for the webpage with lineup
The Detroit Jazz Festival 2014 is coming up this summer,
but while you are waiting for that you can go to:

Detroit Institute of Arts
where you can see everything from ancient European art to on 1/26/2014 the The Dance Band featuring the Ducan brothers, a jazz band
Detroit Historical Museum
The Charles Wright Museum, which
is featuring the African American Masters and Kimberly Perry collection
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra
The Michigan Science Center
The N'Namdi art museum
featuring art from Yale MFA graduates
The Re:View art museum 

Robert Reich wrote an article titled on how the U.S. witnessing loss of public good
and spaces.  Mr. Reich the former U.S. Labor Secretary in the President Clinton Administration wrote a powerful book called...

Locked in the Cabinet
 In an opposing view Michael Barone wrote  Whatever side of the fence you are on, you need to be aware of this debate because the stakes are high.

Mr. Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon has recently praised some books, some by the management guru Mr. Peter Drucker.  This list made it's way around the website of the start up company LinkedIn www.linkedin.comMaximillian Bryan and Marcell Technologies Internationale will list these books and their titles on the blog soon.

One other book you may want to read is
Business Intelligence Success Factors
Olivia Parr Rud,
speaking of Business Intelligence, follow Katarina Rojko of
IDC on
The book
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
by Sangeeta Gautam is an excellent book on the subject as well.
Speaking of Intelligence....
Read the books At the Center of the Storm by George J. Tenet and Against All Enemies by
Richarde A. Clarke to relive 9/11 and despite what some say realize the IC is to be valued, any changes to current laws should be made with 9/11, and the recent Boston bombing in mind; and these 2 men lived through it the hard way.
The financial
services market is an excellent sector to apply business intelligence and Big Data principles and
in honor of African American History month in the U.S. also called Black History month for this past February 2014, two excellent books to read are
In the Black
by Gregory S. Bell about African American pioneers on Wall Street
by Alex Haley a
U.S. Navy Veteran who traced his family's history from the U.S.
to the country of Gambia in Africa as told
to him by the village Griot.  Mr. Haley was helped in his
quest by Mr. William Washington who was the Editor
and Mr. Ofield Dukes a Public Relations guru who provided his office space to Mr. Haley for research.
both Mr. Washington and Mr. Dukes were and are from the City of Detroit.

For an excellent book on history that predicted China's return to prominence
before it happened with excellent statistics read
The Rise and Fall of Great Powers
This book covers, history, economics, military affairs and is for students, parents, concerned citizens as well as political and military leaders who are concerned about today's trends, what can be learned from the past.
The Amazon Kindle
Thanks Mr. Bezos.....

One book by a video game developer on leadership is
The Leader Phrase Book
by Patrick Alain who was born in Paris, France
and currently lives in San Diego, California USA. 
 In case you are working on a speech or searching for the right way to say something,
this book is
definitely worth a read, check the business book section at your
local Fedex Kinko's store

Start Up Company News
Peter Karmanos, the Detroit IT King of Compuware has been dethroned, but his pockets are full; and this is because his gamble on the start up Covisint is finally paying off; an ipo spinoff is in the works - for more info click on, the Compuware HQ is below.
However, Pete is back with Mad Dog Technology, for more info
click on  
In other start up company news Michigan jumps from 25th in venture capital investment activity to 15th according a report from the Michigan Venture Capital Association that was
featured in Crain's Detroit Business
The book Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology has a section on green technology about carbon trading on Wall Street
and other green topics. The subtitle of the book is:
Green Technologies of Today and Tomorrow to buy in the United Kingdom in the U.S.A.
Vinod Khosla a venture capitalist (vc) who also believes in green technology is
featured in the article Mr. Clean Tech Won't Back Down
in the
Wall Street Journal. To wrap up this update the May 11th-17th 2013 Economist
has 2 great articles; Wall Street is Back: A Special Report on International Banking and
Why Consultancy is booming.
For more info click on
For more info information on security, technology and venture capital $$$ in general.
Google's Glass, the stylish wearable computer
The Chevy Volt
For help finding where to plug up or gas up there is a software application at USA gov for your for your smart phone for your extended range, hybrid or all electric car.  Just go to the official homepage for USA Gov and do a search for the software application (or app) store, then search for the app.
The CEO of GM has a lot on his plate. GM's competitors include U.S. rivals Ford, Chrysler and then there is:
Honda which has a discrete office right in downtown Detroit just
blocks from GM. GMis lucky to have a good Chinese automotive partner in the Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation well as history on their side, the last Emperor of Chinadrove a Buick This is the first part of a series on the automotive industry on this blog. The current GM CEO is a formerU.S. Navy An excellent college level book to read about the auto industry is theStrategic Management Concept and Cases by Aurthur A. Thompson Jr. and A.J. Strickland, both from the University of Alabama; the chapter is called The World Automotive Industry. Since the 2008 crash the auto industry has changed in the company's view forever.
Tesla has repaid it's U.S.A. start up loan
Elon Musk, Tesla CEO also co-founded Pay Pal and Space X .  Ford has green car solutions as well, more in the next blog update.  Also if you want to have a charger for hybrids, extended range, or other green cars at you business or school  you may want to click on to find out how. 
Just to remember How Far We Have Traveled click on
Some GM employees leaked some info to the local press in Detroit, and it was reported after the leak that the GM CEO called it "treason", the reporting paper took it lightly in the way they wrote the article, but the paper and the employee who leaked it should remember the crash of 2008 and know the competition is not taking any prisoners. The update will include the currencies (for example the BOJ may conduct transactions with the Japanese Yen to make Japanese cars more competitive in price compared to the U.S. Dollar, for more info click on used in the auto industry, political aspects, the names of the leaders of the companies as well as automotive technologies (aka as telematics) such as OnStar|_GM+OnStar_|_RTN-OnStar-Phrase_|_OnStar_|_onstar and the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) software For more info on the auto industry check out the Geneva Auto Show 2013 and Auto Spies Also the countdown has begun for the Chevrolet Grand Prix, click on, to buy tickets or for more info. Chevy offers new
college graduates a chance to win a new Chevrolet,
Ford's Lincoln MKs comes with Microsoft's Sync
for more info click on
IBM then and Today  
Lou Gerstner, Samuel Palmisano along with the rest of the team at IBM brought IBM back from the brink back in the 1990s,
read Lou Gerstner's book on Amazon to find out how. To find out how Sam
took the CEO baton and ran with it click on, (he also had a musical connection with MoTown Records from when he played sax in a band, who knew?) and he has recently handed off the CEO baton to Virginia Rometty; to find out what IBM is up to now click on To read about
the man who brought IBM to the brink back then, read The Road Ahead, and read Gerstner's book Who Says Elephants Can't Dance The Road Ahead predicts a company like Facebook, which Microsoft owns a part of, and Gerstner's book gives one a great view on the competitive environment in IT, then, today and into the future.....
Sign up for free with your e-mail to get easy access to our world wide cyber security incident list by typing your e-mail up near the top where it says Follow by E-mail and click on submit. In other cyber security news Richard Clarke who wrote the book Against All Enemies and was a Special Advisor to the President of the United States on Cybersecurity has written an article on cybersecurity currently he is Chairman for Good Harbor Security Risk Management In a more fun note on hacking and a possible boon for Microsoft is the hacking community springing up around the X-Box's  Kinect accessory.  For a great article on this community click on
To get a price and technical info on the Kinect a visit to the Microsoft store
might be the way to go; to find one near you click on, I went to the one in Troy, Michigan at Somerset Mall.  More on the Microsoft Bootcamp series for start up companies in the next blog.  A venture capital firm now has a seat on the board with Microsoft.
News Sources from around the Globe a story on Syria in A great story on cash management for small biz and Fortune 500 companies in
F-117 Stealth Fighter
Top 10 and Counting Cyberwarfare list world wide
A security incident with Secure
Socket Layer has been discovered; for more info
click on,
and for info on how Cisco and Juniper
must be checked out to protect it from this
SSL cyber security incident
click on
El Chapo was recently captured in Mexico, turns out he was a cyber security pro. To find out
how El Chapo used
tech tricks to stay one step ahead of
the law while he was on the run
click on
Mexico City, Mexico

For 6 Ways to Guard Against Cyberattacks from Mr. Bob Stockwell of Security Sales and Integration magazine in the 12/2013 issue click on  New news on the U.S. Department of Defense budget from Reuters.
  A U.S. Navy Officer who led the cyber fight to clean up the cyber infiltration of a U.S. Navy WAN (Wide Area Network)  has been nominated to be the next head of the NSA, for more info click on
 For Microsoft Security essentials click on,
and for using tips and tricks from the
Google Safety Center
to keep your Server, PC, laptop
iPad, ebook, and yes
smart phone safe
Also to see the Cyber Security Framework Rollout
click on
Two other firms to keep a look out for when it comes to
cyber security are Lookout
Palo Alto

Target was recently hit with a cyber attack. The media reports came out just before Christmas 2013
but MB and MTI is not clear when the first attack from this cyber incident happened.  For more information on what to do if you have been a victim in the Target credit card attack or
another credit card attack click on, the
U.S. Secret Service is currently investigating this incident.
The best information MB and MTI  has found on this incident so
far is the story Card-Theft Code Grew in the
Net's Dark Alleys, for more info click

Dr. Paul J. Springer is an expert on military history and technologies.  He gave a presentation called Killer Apps: The Deadly Profusion of Military Robots and has written the book Military Robots and Drones: A Reference Book that includes info on current trends such as cyberwarfare; for more info click on or  For a
video on cyber security click on

The cyber warfare list is coming up just scroll down; and let me introduce you to two cyber security experts in their field.  The first is Stan Kang formerly a Principal in the Forensics and Investigative Response practice of Verizon Business Services, currently the CEO of Varident; Stan, like W. Shines has been published in Baseline magazine where he wrote an excellent article on cyber security. Then there is the expert in electronic discovery, Ms. Pearl Zuchlewski; she is a prominent New York City Attorney.

 For a IT security newsletter to keep you posted on cybersecurity threats try; they have great info such as the U.S. plans to spend
$ 6.1 Billion on cybersecurity in 2014, for more details click on! and say
thanks to R.A. for the tip; he knows who he is.
   For a look inside Cisco's  global security operations
click on, and for a more recent initiative described in the 12/23/2013 edition of Fortune magazine
click on

In a cyber exploit involving Adobe, Adobe users must be careful and read For info on a cyber attack on a Wyoming Bank read  
in an article from the
Bank Technology News website.
Israel was hit with a cyber attack on a major tunnel recently, for more info click on
For your cyber security infrastructure  software providers Symantec,  McAfee, and the newcomer Mandiant are at the cutting edge.
The CEO/Founder of Mandiant is Kevin Mandia a USAF Academy
graduate.  Congrats to Mr. Manida  on Mandiant being acquired by FireEye; for more info click on
Also to keep up on the latest in cyber security subscribe to this blog
by typing in your e-mail above near the top under follow by e-mail, clicking on
the submit button
and subscribe to the Microsoft Security Newsletter
USAF Joint Strike Fighters -JSF-35
To find out how to apply to the academy click

Guilty pleas in the UK hacking case. For more info click on; to read the begining of the case scroll down to the stealth ships. CSOs (Chief Security Officers) concerned about hacking should subscribe to CSO magazine and check out, for a magazine on computer forensics. Quantum Dawn 2 - a bank cyber defense excercise and hacker attacks on banks in South Korea more info to follow in next update.

In Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology the book discusses how a
key employee defecting can hurt a company in section called trends to watch
for more info go to search for the book and when you find it
do a search for Lopez, it describes a situation
where a key GM employee defected to Volkswagen, and helped Volkswagen produce the Volkswagen Passat a
 car so far ahead of it's time that until Alan Mulally got to Ford the then to be flagship
car called the Ford 500 looked similar to a larger Passat.  Mulally, after talking it over with William (Bill) Ford, (read American Icon for details), ditched the 500 brand, renamed the Ford 500 the Taurus, a discarded car brand that was Ford's most recognized brand and came up with a
a new platform that is more modern and sleek for the Taurus with the workers on the line
being partners and building the car with quality.  
The New York Port Authority pre-9/11 To see how the USA has been
effected by 9/11 more than a decade later click on for an excellent article on this subject from Government Executive magazine.  
The New York Port Authority post-9/11
  A good way to track any info taken from the NSA if any would be to track the activity of the ip address of his work and personal laptop depending on if fixed, set, or dynamic ip settings were used. For a more detailed lesson on TCP/IP from Security and Sales Integration magazine by Bob Stockwell click on

Two places to check for digital evidence are online Bitcoin anonymous accounts (For more info on Bitcoin click on and
digital picture files such as JPEG files that may look like harmless
pictures but hide data in pictures that may have been e-mailed to others holding data from the NSA. For more info on Bitcoin from Francois Velde a Sr. Economist with the Federal Reserve Bank click on

 For more info on the NSA security breach read an article from CFO magazine  On a romantic tragedy theme
on the NSA data breach Anna Chapman, who is affiliated with a ring of suspected Russian spies is connected to the alleged traitor who fled to Russia.  According to U.S. media reports a supervisor issued a warning about the alleged NSA traitor in 2009, for more info click on, so the IT security controls used by the CIA may be better than those used by NSA.  Speaking of which, the CIA appears to have quickly caught another data breach before more damage could be caused, and as a result filed a crimes report, which involves the misuse of classified information, for more info click on    
 Star reporter for MS NBC Ann Curry recently gave a report on North Korea on the anniversary of the Korean War  Star reporter Ann Curry scores another news scoop by interviewing
the new Iranian leader before his visit to the United Nations, for more info click on

According to the Wall Street Journal Cyberattacks Target Finance Hubs, for more info click on

   Saudi Arabia PCs hit by by hackers for more info click on  A Time Warner publication has allegedly tracked the attack back to
Iran, however with ongoing negotiations hopefull this can be resolved without war.
  UK Hackers Handcuffed, for more info click on
News Flash: The New York Times article Iran Shows Video It Says was Made by U.S. Drone confirming our theory that Iran took control of a U.S. drone when it captured a drone earlier in our top rated incident below back in October 7th, 2011 which may be related to a software virus found in the drone fleet; Thanks to Lance of Black Hat and Info Sec for info on the virus.
Other recent threats in our view are the hacking of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, and a smart phone game for Android is a virus in disguise so check out apps
Android Phone
before you download them; for the Android exploit click on Recent threats to make our list we credit to an article from CFOmagazine titled Into the Data Breach in the October 2012 issue. Those breaches are Zappos 24 million records, University of North Carolina 350,000 records, Mastercard1.5 million credit cards, for more info click on www.cfo.comand do a search for the article. Finally for the top cyber security incidents worldwide, look below; the FBI, the top cyber cop in the U.S. made a major bust, for more info check out the article Hackers Arrested as One Turns Witness in the Dallas Morning News

Guilty pleas in the UK hacking case

Also the hacker incident in England with Rupert Murdoch's media empire seems to be coming to the U.S.; the event alleges that reporters with Murdoch's empire hacked into phones and that Scotland Yard other law enforcement officers in England knew about it and were pressured or rewarded to look the other way. Did you know that a major character in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies have been based on Mr. Murdoch? The latest development in the case are the Guilty pleas in the UK hacking case mentioned above; for more info click on
The UK has drawn a line in the sand on hacking, see article in USA Today on Britain Unveils Web Surveillance plan June 15th, 2012 and with recent new hacking laws, more on that in the next blog update.. Also the UK has written a document on Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building for the Budapest Conference on Cyberspace.

U.S. Navy Stealth Ship similar in appearance to the
Stealth Ship of the villian in the James Bond 007 movie, Tomorrow Never Dies To see the clip of the latest 007 movie Skyfall click on
For info on the Apple cyber warfare incident; the best sources in our research are a story from the BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation) and the online article from Custom PC one of my favorite hi-tech magazines.
A Drone at Dusk
1.      US Drone Key Logger Virus - I now consider this cyber warfare incident the top incident because the implications of this incident with the recent story on page 1 of the New York Times with a picture of the alleged U.S. Drone by Iranian military forces. My theory and Lance friend with the group Black Hat and Infosec agrees; this incident may be related to that story. For video on this incident click on My theory is the key logger virus exploit information may have been sold to Iran. Then using an electro magnetic pulse other cyber warfare electronic counter measures against the downed Drone, Iran took control of the alleged U.S. Drone (if it is a U.S. Drone) and landed it because in the picture on the front page of the The New York Times the UAV appears to be intact. This has serious implications in command and control of these UAVs and the possiblity they could be disabled, and worse turned against whoever controlls the drone(s) during this flight and future flights. The first thing I would do if I was an IT person on the drone program with the U.S., NATO, or whoever the drone belongs is to do a security assessment of any incidents of drones not flying according to their flight plan before this latest drone incident, with a time line of when the US Drone Key Logger Virus was discovered. The second thing I would do in the IT security audit is to investigate and record suspicious LAN/WAN activity on Windows, UNIX, Linux, Oracle Sparc servers, or mainframe servers at the Drone bases, along with doing an inventory of all Drone control equipment that is in use, being repaired, or that is missing, destroyed and talk to the military personnel and defense contractors in charge of destroying damaged equipment and also making sure any possible thefts of Drone equipment have been reported. The last thing would be to account for the possiblity that any planned UAV missions may be compromised and ASAP have built into any future UAV flights equipment, and software that will by default have the UAVs self destruct automatically if the remote pilots lose control of the UAVs for longer than 30-45 minutes unless a bio-metric image of say a finger print or eye scan built into the keypad/joystick is pressed (or for eyes scanned) by the pilot and sent to the UAV in flight if a similar security procedure is not already in place.
Cyber Threat Levels
For info on basic IT best practices click on, and now  for threat levels..

Tier 5 - Entry level threat.

Tier 4 - Script kiddies

Tier 3 - Denial of Service (connection to internet or major outage)

Tier 2 - Skilled attackers, organized crime, terrorists, and/or state actors

Tier 1 - A zero day threat where vulnerabilities are found in software, custom code is written to create a threat, and/or the threat is undetected and is collecting data and/or waiting to cause damage when signaled or on a certain day. Wayne State University had an excellent seminar on cyber warfare in 2011. There will be a recap of the event from my notes in an upcoming blog.

2. NASDAQ attack – a few months ago there were media reports on a cyber attack on the NASDAQ, this is critical infrastructure for the U.S. and world financial markets as NASDAQ is where some key hi-tech companies such as Microsoft and Facebook a key Microsoft partner) listed on the stock market  In a recent update Russian Hackers have allegedly hit the Nasdaq and other companies such as Citigroup; for more info click on  The most recent event for Nasdaq was 8/23/2013 computer forensics will tell the tale if it was happenstance or a hacker, stay tuned.....
3.      Stuxnext Iran Attack – In 2010 a computer worm/virus named Stuxnext attacked a nuclear plant in Iran, the political leadership admitted the attack had slowed down progress at the facility. Iran is a major supplier of oil to China and this has implications in regard to the UN Security Council as China is a permanent member. There have been media reports that the original Stuxnext virus hackers or someone with access to the Stuxnext code have made a new update to the virus, apparently called Flame. Let me introduce you to best expert I know on the Stuxnext virus; he works for Microsoft and his blog is call him Stuxnext Man, for his real name go to his blog and tell me what you think. Recently it has been alleged that Stuxnext and the new virus called Flame were created by the U.S., I say alleged because there has not been an official confirmation of this allegation by an official of the United States. According to the Washington Post U.S. Secretary of Defense stated that Iran is helping Syria in it's battle with the Free Syrian Army, and a Chinese telecom firm Huawei helping Iran and Syria with secure telecom and internet access in the battle for Syria.
      4. Google China network attack – The Wide Area Network of Google in mainland China was hacked and Google reported the incident to the U.S. government after checking with other U.S. companies based in China and finding they had been attacked also. This was a key moment in cyber warfare as President Obama formulated a more sophisticated cyber warfare doctrine for the U.S. Armed Forces as a result of this attack, and Google actually relocated to Hong Kong, China from mainland China as a result of the attack. This has lead to a greater coordination between the U.S. armed forces and private companies in protecting key critical infrastructure of the U.S. civillian economy. The Google attack and move from mainland China led to Baidu Chinese version of Google becoming the top search engine in mainland China instead of Google. China has long had a very sophisticated IT approach, which led to them building the Great Firewall of China to defend against an asymmetric network attack in China, to prevent attacks such as the attack against Google. A good way to shore up your your defenses are to follow some of the tips in the article Baseline http://www.baselinemag.coman online and print technology magazine for CIOs based in New York, New York. China has also been a victim of cyber attacks see below....
5. Baidu Iranian Cyber Army Attack – The Chinese search engine Baidu has been attacked by a group called the Iranian Cyber Army. China was allegedly attacked by a group called the Iranian Cyber Army which attacked Baidu

6. Baidu Iranian Cyber Army Attack – The Chinese search engine Baidu has been attacked by a group called the Iranian Cyber Army. China was allegedly attacked by a group called the Iranian Cyber Army which attacked Baidu, China’s most popular search engine The Iranian Cyber Army is apparently real, and according to media reports top cyber threat to the U.S.. Also see the article Tearing Down Iran's Electronic Curtain in the Wall Street Journal editorial by Toby Deshowitz and Mark Dubowitz.
This leads to what makes cyber attacks so effective, because attacks can be routed through the computers of businesses, governments, and individuals who may be unaware that the attacks are being launched from their PC networks, governments who are attacked have to do computer forensics analysis before their response or they may strike the wrong target, which may the true attacker’s intent. At this point with the hand of Iran being shown in Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon, it is pretty good guess that Iran is the culprit. Hopefully war does not come, but in case it does the Adam Opel Ampera l and it's sister car the Chevy Volt go all electric, all gas, or go electric and when the charge runs out -switch to gas - what you need when you need it at a nice price and this ground breaking technology is the reason that it won the European Car of the Year and once again validates President Obama's decision to save the U.S. auto industry, besides savings the jobs of GM, Chrysler and automotives supplier workers, this ground breaking technology would never have seen the light of day if GM had not been saved.
Winner of the European Car of the Year

7. Estonia Denial of Service Attack – The President of Estonia in 2007 at the time of the attack, Toomas Hendrik Ilves gives an interview in Government Executive of how he coped with the first major cyberwarfare battle, to read this tale click on This attack is crucial in the understanding of cyber warfare. Estonia was former part of the USSR/Soviet Union, now Russia that got into a dispute over the price they would pay Russia over natural gas shipped to Europe, and the pipelines that Russia paid for were on Estonia’s soil. To make a long story short, while the payment dispute over natural gas shipped over the pipelines was in progress, Estonia suffered Denial of Service attacks that shut down vital government services and dropped Estonia to it’s knees This was a key cyber battle because it made Europe aware of it’s vulnerability when states like Estonia go rogue from Russia, and make Europe's natural gas supplies vulnerable. A pipeline attack on the U.S. has been attempted, for more info click on light of Isra-el's threat to attack Iran it should be noted in 2007 that Isra-el used a cyber weapon to cripple Syrian air defenses near the building where work on atomic energy/weapons was suspected; more info on this exploit can be found in the August 15th, 2011 issue of Government Executive magazine. More recently Isra-el is using it's Iron Dome weapon to defend itself from incoming rockets, could turn into a wider conflict. Once again some are beating the war drums, this time for a U.S. led war in Syria, this may be a back door attempt to drag the U.S. into a war with Iran, but things are more complicated with Russia supporting Syria in the current civil war, a recent reported Shanghai Alliance Russian and China along with other countries according to media reports, and if war does breaks out and Russia is involved the U.S. needs to know about UAV drones made in Isra-el that Isra-el is reported to have sold to Russia according to Russian media reports for defensive countermeasures. A proxy war between Russia and the U.S. would be a setback to a peaceful solution to the Iran atomic energy issue. Russia has suggested bringing Iran to the table in the Syrian conflict and maybe this could be a way resolve the Iranian atomic weapons/civillian energy issue. A war with NATO and Syria could drag in Iraq, Iran and Egypt with Egypt being a wild card because for the first time since President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was assasinated Egypt's peace agreement with Isra-el would be in doubt. Former U.S. President James Earl Carter, Menachen Begin and Anwar Sadat won the Nobel Peace Prize for the Camp David Accords, and some believe that President Anwar Sadat paid for this agreement that President Hosni Mubarak kept in place since 1979 with his life.
For more info on the Camp David Accords click on http://www.jimmycarterlibrary.govdocuments/campdavid/accords.phtml. It is believed the group that assasinated President Sadat was linked to the Islamic Brotherhood, and Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood has been elected President of Egypt. The Islamic Brotherhood is also the group that Ayman Al Zawari of Al-Quaeda belonged to before joining with Osama Bin Ladin though lately they have pledged to commit to the political process instead of violence in Egypt. The economic key as always in Egypt since it was built is the Suez Canal for a history of the Suez Canal click on For anyone who is in a position to effect policy or may deploy to the Gulf if war breaks out with regard to the events in Syria, Egypt or Iran the bookChina Goes to Sea Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspectiveis must reading. The book gives a historical comparison of the developments of deep water navies over time including ancient Iran/Persia, Ancient and modern China, Russia, Imperial Russia and Germany. The book was written by Mr. Lyle J. Goldstein as a joint publication of the China Maritime Studies Institute the Naval Press Institute Any NATO with Iran, and or Syria will be a naval battle as well as a land and air battle. Russia is sending warships to Syria For a more recent update on Russian forces in the area click on Russia has joined the WTO, the World Trade Organization; Russia is the biggest member to join since China, for more info click on  The most recent news in Syria is an alleged attack by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) on Outbrain, and an alleged chemial attack in Syria; in the company's view an attack by Syria against the insurgensts/freedom fighters ( remember one mans's freedom fighter is another man's insurgent) while U.N. inspectors are there in Syria.
F-4 Phantom the type of Turkish jet shot down by

Syria during the conflict. Made in the U.S. by McDonnel Douglass now part of
Boeing made famous during Vietnam war.
In more hi-tech news from Turkey, social media such as Facebook, and Twitter have run into
legal limits, for more info click on

  The last time Syria and the U.S. were this close to war was during the Regan administration when a U.S. pilot was shot down.  The Reverend Jesse Jackson of Operation Push in a text book case of private diplomacy managed to get the U.S. Pilot released
According to recent media reports the battle for Syria has spilled over into Turkey with a recent bombing In related news in The Banker the Banque Du Liban (Lebanon) stays calm during the current crisis in Syria and Lebanon - in an article by Stephen Timewell published in The Banker 11/01/2011; to subscribe click on

9. IMF Cyber Attack - info later...
10. RSA Security Software compromised - for more details on the cracking of the key part of the U.S. and world wide cyber security infrastructure click on The September 2011 issue of Vanity Fair with the story by Michael Joseph Gross is the best artice I have read about how RSA technology key fob technology was compromised by cyber attacks, and other cyber attacks
that appear to fit the pattern of a state actor probing U.S. cyber defenses for valuable ip and possible future attacks. In case you suspect a cyber attack please contact us so the company can suggest the best ways to collect digital evidence that can stand up in court, and minimize your risk for future attacks. The best way to contact us is to go to Facebook and do a search for the Maximillian Bryan and Marcell Technologies Internationale business page and send a message to the company. For more info click on; be sure to provide a contact person, phone number, along with the problem that your company is having or email so that the company can follow up with you. Pinpointing the time that the problem started is also helpful. Due to the critical nature of the RSA attack a pilot program was begun by the defense department and it has recently been made permanent, for more info click on an article from the Washington Post

11. This is not a cyber incident but is a must read for any bank IT executive who needs to know how to protect his network. The article is titled How Wall Street Works with the Feds by Mr. Andrew Conry-Murray in Information Week. For more info go to; another excellent magazine to read regularly to help keep your IT systems secure is the website for CFO (Chief Financial Officer) magazine.
12. The FBI http://www.fbi.govjailed a hacker who found a security flaw in the AT and T This flaw revealed the info of over 100,000 iPad users, including e-mails of people who included government officials and Fortune 500 executives. In case you are one of those people please e-mail us and give us your view of what happened and how you felt. For more info on the incident which occurred in June of 2010, and if you want to find out if you are on the list e-mail    The FBI also uncovered an intrusion on the LAN (Local Area Network)/WAN (Wide Area Network) of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce  with alleged links to China. China has denied an official attack against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for more information on the incident from an article in the Wall Street Journal on For video on this attack click on

13. Mexican Hackers at war with the Zeta Crime Syndicate - One movie that shows the sophistication of crime syndicates in Mexico and Latin America is the movie Clear and Present Danger In a part of the movie, the hero Jack Ryan, played by Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) of Star Wars fame is researching a reported explosion at the same time as the security chief of a drug cartel is doing the same thing. Jack Ryan working for the U.S., looks through paper files and books, while the security chief of the drug cartel uses sophisticated computer equipment and software to reach the same conclusion that the reported accident was actually a covert action. Clear and Present Danger; allegedly based on some real life incidents from the 1990s and the deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar, is an excellent DVD - to order on Amazon click on Patriot Games is also a book by famous author Tom Clancy available on Amazon, along with company book Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology; to order click on  In more recent news on the Los Zetas drug cartel, the alleged kingpin of the cartel, Miguel Angel
"Z-40" has been arrested for more info click on
14. Also in Latin America Hugo Chavez considered  a Russian fighter aircraft purchase - before his passing. The relation to cyber warfare is the following: Avionics - the IT systems for airplanes are some of the most sophisticated IT systems in the world, and besides the USA, the European Union and Japan Russia produces some of the best fighter aircraft in the world with China also clear power in aerospace as well. China has learned from Russia planes it has purchased, doing some reverse engineering and producing some original aerospace technology as well. Also some U.S. Department of Defense computer networks were penetrated in the last few years and information on the IT systems of the top U.S. fighter the JSF-35 was definitely a target during these cyber attacks. More info on the JSF-35 fighter can be seen in a previous blog on the JSF-35 program manager. One top Russian plane in the past was the Mig 25 Foxbat, a movie Russian plane is Firefox, a Clint Eastwood movie where the weapons systems for the plane were
controlled by thought; which when you consider the Wii; a thought/motion controlled video game you wonder what they have now; click on to see the movie clip of the plane in the hangar, for the plane in flight
Below a real Russian Fighter Jet, a Mig 29.
15.  Goldman Sachs - A while back Sergey Aleynikov was arrested on allegedly illegal actions during and after his employment at Goldman Sachs described in a story by Michael Lewis of Vanity Fair  Now this may have nothing to do with the recent software glitch at Goldman Sachs described earlier in the blog.  However if Goldman Sachs paid MB and MTI for a cyber security consultation (requests for information to start the consultation can be sent to:
MB and MTI
P.O. Box 43802
Detroit, MI 48243

Or for a modern payment method you can pay using

Square  and your Android  or Apple  smart phone.)
the company's first step would be gathering info on the IT equipment used by Mr. Sergey Aleynikov, along with his phone logs at Goldman Sachs, and if willing, talking to his friends at work and home. Some basic computer forensic definitions will be given the next blog update.   
Before prospective customers send a check or pay with Square please contact Mr. Winston Shines on LinkedIn or Facebook  
16.  Shanghai (China) Stock Exchange - In one more stock exchange "glitch", the Shanghai (China) Stock Exchange had a glitch on August 16th, 2013; for more info click on     

The Art of (Cyber) War - Cloud Computing on the Cutting Edge
From CFO magazine there is an article on cloud based applications that help CFOs with planning and forecasting by Mr. Russ Banham in the September 2013 edition. To subscribe click on

To see an excellent educational video on cyber attacks and social media click on For the latest in Cloud Computing check out the Cloud Car in Autoweek and read below...
USAF F-117 Stealth Fighter in the Clouds
 Cloud Connect Coming to Chicago on October 21, 2013
click on
for more info and to register
Social Media Can be a Friend to Security Pros is a great article in Security and Sales magazine. September 2012 Network World has a great article for your resume titled Top 10 Cloud Related Job Titles in the October 8th, 2012 issue. A great article on Cloud Computing/Social Networking can be seen in Security Sales and Integration magazine can be seen by clicking on So you want to do a pilot project before you move to Cloud Computing? Then you want to read The Test Lab of your Dreams in Information Weekfrom the April 9th, 2012 issue. To get the online version click on
1. The November 2011 Harvard Business Review article Everything you need to know about "The Cloud"
2. The November 14th, 2011 article from Information Week written by J. Nicholas Hoover  titled The CIA Rethinks Data Centers for Big Data featuring an interview with Mr. Gus Hunt the CTO of the CIA
3. The January 2012 issue of CRNhttp://www.crn.comarticle titled Cloud Turbulence.
4. IBM has an excellent info on grid computing, which is another name for cloud computing, just click on there is a report on energy use and production that every Mayor of every large city or CEO of a Fortune 500 company in the U.S. or abroad should read.
5. The article The Cloud: Energy Efficency Game Changer in Tech and Learning www.techlearning.commagazine gives stats on on cloud computing saving energy from the CDW-G 2012 Energy Efficent IT Report
6. Government Executivemagazine do a search for the article Upward Bound by Joseph Marks and Sunny Outlook by Aliya Sternstein along with other articles, the theme of the March 2012 issue.
7. Steven VanRoekel's interview withGovernment Executive magazine in the May 2012 issue; Steven is a Federal CIO, a former Microsoft employee and he talks about changes with federal government IT systems since he has been there, the feds are making a push into the cloud.
8. In this corner for Cloud Computing, Google with Google apps and in this corner Microsoftwith Office 365 In case you want to do a pilot program to see if your company can help you cut costs with these packages compared to your current office application suite send us a message on LinkedIn and we can show you the pros and cons of each.
9. Social Networking software such as Facebook www.facebook.comand LinkedIn www.linkedin.comare cloud computing applications because the software you use to install them on your iPad, PC, or smartphone sit on the cloud. Two excellent articles on Social Networking software can be found in the articles From CRM to Social in Informationweekmagazine www.informationweek.comand Social Media: It Does Have a Place in the Classroom in Tech and Learning magazine
For advanced concepts on start up companies and for business/tech people who think they have what it takes to create the next big start up company The Venture Capital Handbook is a great book for MBA students who want to know more about venture capital

Also on the same subject lines but with more of a IT, smart phone, PC focus for younger students; or older student who want a crash course in tech is
Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology order click on in the U.S.A or in the U.K., United Kingdom. 
10. Azure, Microsoft's answer to Cloud Computing has a special free 90 day trial. For more info click on, and join Microsft BizSpark a group for hi-tech start up companies. Azure will be released on September 4th 2012, for more info click on see the post on the company business page. Also countdown to September 4th, 2012 the official Windows Server new release date.
11. Apple's answer to cloud computing is iCloud and it works for the iPod Touch, iPad, iMac and of course the iPhone.
12. CloudOne Corporation http://oncloudone.comis an IBM and hosts Rational Software in the cloud, along with other services. According to the CEO they have been in business for 10 years and so should be able to handle your cloud needs and anticipate problems that may arise when you try to move to the cloud.
Maximillian Bryan and Marcell Technologies Internationale LLC has been published in Baseline magazine, (to view the article click on

Baseline is going all digital soon) has written the copyrighted book Training Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Technology is on sale at Amazon The founder Mr. W. Shines has been a paid speaker at the Michigan State University School of Education
Annual Education Technology Seminar in East Lansing Michigan sponsored by Michigan State University, Apple Education  and the  The U.S. China Business Council The company has also won the Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA partnership Award. For more info on GEW/USA click on to see a video that Vice-President of the United States Joeseph (Joe) Biden gave to the GEW announcing a partnership click on

Maximillian Bryan and Marcell Technologies Internationale has completed the Kauffman Foundation's Fast Trac New Ventures program for start up companies. Maximillian Bryan and Marcell Technologies Internationale's core competencies are IT, cyber security along with PC/Server LAN/WAN implementation so that the company can advise clients on how to best protect their computer and smart phone networks (yes smart phones are vulnerable to Blue tooth viruses) in this age of never ending cyber attacks.......